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When your city is home to the area’s only regulation-size indoor turf field, playing soccer becomes a year-round opportunity for both youth and adults alike. NOW Soccer Academy here in Madison is still in its infancy (it just opened in the fall of 2020) but has exploded in popularity across the region for being a premier place to play soccer recreationally or to train with big soccer-playing goals in mind.

Owner and former professional soccer player Norbert Webley is passionate about what he offers the region via NOW Soccer Academy and is consistently developing new and exciting opportunities for everyone and anyone to come out and enjoy his facilities.

{Author note: He regularly has athletes traveling weekly to Madison to train at NOW Soccer Academy, and I think it’s just phenomenal that a community of our size has an athletic facility of THIS size! So awesome.}

Webley recently announced the kickoff of NOW Soccer’s Youth and Adult leagues that will begin this winter, and registration is happening now (but closing soon!)

NOW Soccer is home to three gorgeous, expansive indoor facilities! The one straight back is the brand new one set to open next month.

Adult Winter Indoor Soccer League at Now Soccer Academy

The indoor winter adult league kicks off on December 6th, 2021 and wraps up on February 9th, 2022. There are multiple divisions that players can sign up under, including a women’s division, a co-ed division, an over 30s division, an over 45 division, and finally an open division for those that want to play on a more competitive level.

Interested players can sign up one of two ways: either as a team or as a free agent. 

Webley suggests that teams have a roster of 12-15 players to ensure that there are enough players each week throughout the season. 

Those who would rather sign up as a free agent will be placed on a team with others who have signed up as free agents as well.

“Structuring our leagues this way gives everyone a chance to play,” shared Webley. “Playing on a league like this introduces you to good people. It also gives you an opportunity to exercise while socializing while also allowing you to be as competitive as you want depending on what league you sign up for.”

Teams will play weekly in a Round Robin format with 60-minute games.

Youth Winter Indoor Soccer League at NOW Soccer Academy

The youth league begins January 8th, 2022 and is geared for girls and boys that were born between 2007 and 2013. This specific winter league season ends on February 26th.

Similar to the adult league, youth are invited to sign up one of two ways: to register as a team or a free agent.

{Psst: We just registered our oldest to play as a free agent, and she’s really excited. She loves NOW Soccer and we do too!}

Youth teams will all play two games each Saturday. Games will consist of 20-minutes halves with a bit of rest between each game.

Webley’s excitement for the youth league is off the charts and he hopes parents across our area catch the vision for this new opportunity being provided.

“There’s nothing like this within 200 miles of here,” shared Webley. “We want kids to just come out and have fun. Kids just want to be kids, and sometimes parents just want to socialize. The whole point of league play is that it doesn’t have to be fully structured. Our coaches will be there to provide some kind of structure, but this isn’t about a coach yelling at players from the sidelines.”

He continued to share that NOW Soccer players end up developing strong soccer skills while having a really good time.

“The environment that we promote is high intensity but also really fun. We strive every day to create a welcoming place that kids are always excited to come to. We want them and their families to be excited about being a part of NOW Soccer.”

Sign Up to Play on a Winter League at NOW Soccer Academy

When asked why athletes should consider playing at NOW Soccer versus another facility or with another program in the area, Webley shared that for starters, it’s 100% indoors in brand new facilities. Second, the season is fairly short, so the commitment is minimal. Additionally, there is a league that fits just about everyone and his or her individual ability and interest levels.

Finally, Webley says that for many people outside of our area, playing somewhere like NOW Soccer just simply isn’t an option, so local residents should jump on the unique opportunity to play.

“I grew up in an area where nothing like this was possible, but I love that our kids and their families have options like this.”

If you’re interested in signing up your team or as a free agent, please email NOW Soccer Administrative assistant Kelly Jackson-Belli who will get you all squared away with all of the additional information you need.

This is the brand new 25k sq ft facility set to open in December 2021!

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