All About Wild Honey Tent Co: A “Glamping” Experience in North Alabama

For the last two weeks, our family has been counting down every morning and every evening until Wild Honey Tent Co arrived at our home this past Friday to kick off one big night of backyard camping (*ahem* “glamping”).

I am so excited to finally share a full, honest review of everything the experience entailed because I fully believe this brand new business is here to bring a tremendous amount of joy to couples and families all across Madison, Huntsville, and beyond. 

Logan and Lindsey Jaks, the owners of Wild Honey Tent Co, arrived around 3 p.m. on Friday and immediately got to work with bringing our set-up to life. Our children watched with wonder the entire time (you can view a time-lapse video here of the set-up!), and I enjoyed chatting with the Jaks throughout their time at our home learning about the business while they set everything up. If we weren’t around to distract them (ha!), I believe the set-up would have taken roughly an hour.

To say that we were stunned by the big and little details would be an absolute understatement. They turned our backyard into a thrilling getaway.

In addition to the fantastic tent set-up, they also set up a wonderful fire pit area, complete with comfortable chairs, firewood, a s’mores kit, a fire extinguisher, a lighter, and more.

The details of the interior have to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. The beds aren’t air mattresses, but actual memory foam beds. The bedding is cozy and comfortable. Area rugs were all over the floors, making everything feel very soft and warm. 

The table area was complete with a gallon of distilled water, a french press (my husband was so impressed by that!), a water heater, plenty of cream and sugar, brand new mugs, and a fresh bag of local coffee. We felt so spoiled. 

Our children called the area right outside of the tent “the porch” which seemed fitting! It included chairs, decorations, and another large rug to sprawl out on. 

After the set-up was complete, we headed out to grab an early dinner and then arrive home just in time for sunset and a night of family fun!

Even our elderly family dog joined the fun!

Wild Honey Tent Co has a ton of yard games to choose from as add-on options, and we picked out Jenga! We played a handful of rounds and enjoyed it so much!

We spontaneously invited some of our neighbors over because we wanted to share this experience with others. The gawking from children and adults alike as they saw it all in-person was so great. 

A s’mores kit was included in our package, which we all immensely enjoyed. My husband and I kept remarking about how easy everything was. Even though we were at our home, we never had to go inside and get anything to assist our experience. Absolutely everything we needed was included. Logan and Lindsey have truly thought through every single thing a family could need or want. 

The special, small interior touches were so appreciated. Nightstands were set up on each side of the queen bed, with some greenery for a homey touch and the other with a book and cards to play. 

Our kids enjoyed making the most of the interior and exterior areas, both set up for all kinds of creative fun. Three battery-powered lanterns were included in the interior, which provided more than enough light during the evening and early morning hours. 

At one point I sat in the tent with a neighbor as we quietly watched our children around us making up all of their own kinds of fun with the items they had around them. My mom stopped by and made a comment about how this is exactly what childhood dreams are made of.

I couldn’t have agreed more. 

The weather was gorgeous on Friday night, so we stayed around the fire for a good, long while soaking up the experience. We felt so fortunate to be one of the first families to give Wild Honey Tent Co a whirl. 

I invited a couple of sweet neighbor kids (that we love like our own) to stay in the tent with us overnight since there was so much extra room. They brought sleeping bags and sprawled out comfortably.

The kids passed out around 9:30 p.m., and around 10 p.m. the rain started. I looked at my weather app and was actually sad to see that the rain would be ending soon. It was the most peaceful way to fall asleep. Everything was so comfortable, and the sound of the rain was the best real-life sound machine. 

By 5:30 a.m., the four kiddos were wide awake ready for more fun. 

Logan had run an electrical outlet from our backyard to the inside of the tent area, which made heating up water for the french press a cinch. (I also used this outlet to plug in my phone charger overnight.)

Hello, coffee! And it was incredible coffee!

I stepped outside of the tent around 6:30 after I poured my second cup of coffee, and I barely felt like I was in my own backyard. I sat on the “porch” with my hot mug and enjoyed the fog around me. It was such a sweet morning. 

Eventually, I sat back in bed and enjoyed watching the kids around me play games and laugh (I apologize to my neighbors who heard their excitement so early in the morning! Haha!)

My husband actually had to leave for work early that morning, so my neighbor came down to scoop up her kids and join me for a cup of coffee. She was so impressed by the whole thing.

We both agreed that there are few things better than seeing the pure joy this brought our children. 

We had to run out to soccer practice Saturday morning, so we weren’t around when Logan and Lindsey showed back up to take it down. They came sometime between 9 – 11 a.m. and left nothing behind except for the fresh bag of coffee to continue enjoying. 

About Wild Honey Tent Co

This was the first official weekend for Wild Honey Tent Co, an idea that newlyweds Logan and Lindsey began moving forward with about six months ago.

Logan, a lifelong avid camper, says that they originally came up with this business concept after seeing close friends launch a similar business in northwest Arkansas. 

“I grew up camping,” shared Logan, “but Lindsey didn’t, so this has been my way of getting her into it.”

Logan and Lindsey both have full-time jobs but are thrilled about the opportunity to grow Wild Honey Tent Co. as well. Logan is the children’s minister at Mayfair Church of Christ in Huntsville and Lindsey works in security as a government contractor. 

“We just think this is the coolest way to let other families experience something that we enjoy so much,” shared Logan.

The Jaks think Wild Honey Tent Co is perfect for all kinds of occasions, including birthday parties, family staycations, girls’ weekends, romantic weekends away for couples, and more. 

Wild Honey Tent Co can be set up in ones’ backyard, at a nearby campground, or even somewhere primitive such as a family’s private land.  Campground locations include Honeycomb, Ditto Landing, Sharon Johnston Park, and more. 

“We call and set up the campsite on the back end. The fee is included in your rental, so all you have to do is show up. Everything will be completely taken care of,” shared Logan. 

Every rental comes with heating or cooling options that hook up at a campground or in one’s backyard. If the setting does not have electrical hook-ups, Wild Honey Tent Co can provide a generator for a $35 fee.

“Even if it’s zero degrees outside, we still have everything you need to be very comfortable in this tent.”

When asked about the tent itself, Logan shared that its durability is substantial enough that people actually live in them in snowy climates.

“It’s designed to withstand extreme heat and cold very well,” shared Logan. “Rain won’t be any kind of issue.”

During my conversation with Logan and Lindsey, it was very obvious that the common denominator with everything they offer is ease. They want everything to be easy for their guests. They strive to make sure people are comfortable, entertained, and that they have the exact type of getaway they’re looking for.

Their campground packages even include pans and extra things like that for a full camping experience. 

The add-on opportunities are vast and include an outdoor cinema set up or outdoor tables for events like wedding and baby showers. 

When asked what their favorite part of owning this business is, they both shared how much they enjoy seeing the excitement from others. 

“You guys got to see us set up the whole thing, but usually our guests will see it all at once when they get home or arrive at the campsite. To see their faces is really, really cool.”

Wild Honey Tent Co has a slew of options that can all be viewed on their website. This summer they will have options where guests can reserve their services seven days a week. 

Want to learn more and book Wild Honey Tent Co? You can check them out on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.



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