What is TOC (The Orthopaedic Center) and Should I Make An Appointment?

TOC (The Orthopaedic Center) is one of the most recognizable and highly favorable medical businesses in the Tennessee Valley and currently runs 13 locations and counting. TOC offers both orthopedic and therapy locations across northern Alabama and southern Tennessee and has become a reliable go-to for those seeking orthopedic attention. 

While some area patients have been dealing with orthopedic hurdles for years, others may have never given a thought to who they would call and where they would go in the case of an orthopedic emergency for themselves or a loved one.

It is crucial and incredibly beneficial to be aware of the resources in your own backyard and educate yourself about what is available in the area before a sudden injury strikes. TOC is proud to offer consistent, reliable care to those with a number of needs and hopes to stay top of mind when the worst happens and one needs the best, most specialized care at a moment’s notice. 

Each TOC location has a hub of specialists, though many of the physicians travel to numerous TOC locations throughout each week to ensure they are offering care options with closer proximity to those who need to be seen. 

Specialties at TOC include:

  • joint replacement
  • foot & ankle
  • hand, wrist, and elbow
  • hip
  • knee
  • pediatrics
  • rehab
  • shoulder
  • spine
  • sports medicine
  • trauma
  • and more!

TOC’s website makes it incredibly easy to locate where each specialist visits. Simply visit the location section for patients and then scroll down to the specialty drop-down menu. Select your need from more than 20 options, and then a list of specialty locations will appear!

Which TOC should I visit?

TOC strives to spread its specialists out throughout the region so that patients have the option to see a top-notch specialist without having to drive an uncomfortable distance away just to be seen. 

Not all specialists are at each location each day though, so patients are encouraged to give TOC a call to ensure a predictable appointment. 

TOC understands that while some patients aren’t in a hurry to be seen and simply desire an appointment at some point in the next few weeks, other patients require more urgency due to a sudden injury.

For those who require an appointment as soon as possible, TOC offers the opportunity to be seen on an ASAP basis at the location where an appointment with a specialist is open. For those who value proximity and being seen as close to their home as possible, TOC will schedule an appointment at the location that is most convenient. 

TOC is proud to be a full-service orthopedic practice and offers many options under the TOC umbrella. If orthopedic care of any kind is what you need, they guarantee they can take care of you.

One Stop Shop for Orthopedic Care

From imaging to surgery to injections and therapy and so much more, TOC specialists are passionate about your healing journey and helping you achieve a pain-free life. 

TOC is regularly growing its team as more locations open, most recently with the addition of an urgent care orthopedic practice in Fayetteville, Tennessee!

As TOC’s footprint continues to expand, they are proud that patients will be able to be seen more quickly and at a location that isn’t a hefty drive from home.

TOC hopes that area patients find comfort in the value of having many TOC locations throughout the Tennessee Valley, all of which offer excellent physicians and surgeons with a wide variety of specialties. 

TOC Talks

Did you know that TOC has a segment called “TOC Talks” on YouTube? These videos feature various TOC physicians who discuss topics such as “What is a Bunion?”, “Do I Need an Ankle Replacement?”, and “What are Pediatric Fractures?” To discuss and tune in to TOC Talks, click here!

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