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Local Resident Offers Weight Loss Opportunity After Experiencing Her Life Change Using the Same Program

It has often been said that the most gratifying career is one is that is built after one’s life has been personally affected or changed by someone else in the same line of work.

Local resident Lindsay Cravens could identify with this concept after being positively impacted in 2017 by her health coach. She says that her life was changed for the better, and from there, the trajectory of her career changed. In 2017 “Craving Health LLC” was born, and for the last four years, Cravens has been on a mission to offer a weight loss solution to those who are looking to improve their health for good. 

Cravens says that she struggled with a myriad of health issues for years and had tried almost every diet in the book to achieve some relief.

“I was experiencing health trials that no 35 year old should experience,” shared Cravens.

She says that she then watched from the sidelines as her friend followed a diet under the guidance of a coach that yielded incredible results.

“I got up the nerve to ask my friend for help with my own issues, and long story short, I lost 40 pounds in just 3.5 months.”

“It’s hard not to get passionate about something when you experience life change like that,” she shared. “I grew up in a home where we were held back by weight issues, and I didn’t want that for my own family. They were my driving force to get my health under control.”

Cravens says that she’s helped hundreds of people achieve their health and weight loss goals, and she’s excited to offer the same opportunity to those here locally.

“So many people have fear over what program to choose and what plan to follow, but I can honestly tell you that finding this way of life changed everything for me.”

Cravens says that her program is very simple and works on creating transformations one healthy habit at a time. Her program revolves around four main components:

1. Personal coaching and relationship

    • “You are much more likely to reach your goals when you have accountability.”

2. Having a community

    • “When we surround ourselves with a community of like-minded people who are doing the same program, you’ll feel more inspired to continue making one good decision after the next.”

3. Habits of a healthy transformation

    • “We are going to set you up for life and get you to your healthy weight. We are also going to talk about sleep, hydration, and movement.”

4. Nutrition 

    • “We have a nursing mother’s plan, a teen plan, a senior plan, an ‘I want to lose more than 100 pounds’ plan, a diabetes plan, and so much more. There is something for every man and every woman. We even have a plan for someone who is struggling with PCOS, which is why I personally started this program. Since I finished four years ago, I’ve been able to maintain my PCOS without any medication.”

“But what is the diet exactly, and how is it different from other diets?”

Cravens shared that the concept is very simple and revolves around stabilizing blood sugar.

“If you want to lose weight, we are going to focus on insulin stabilization and high protein, low glycemic food every 2-3 hours six times a day. The foods you eat at the rate you eat them will lead to stabilizing your blood sugar and helping you drop weight and fat.”

She says that people often think that eating a banana and oatmeal is an ideal breakfast for weight loss, but what that breakfast is actually doing is causing your blood sugar to spike. 

“Now you have all of this extra insulin floating around that your body has to burn through before it can get to your fat storage.”

Cravens says that insulin stabilization was a revolutionary idea for her and totally different than anything she’d ever tried, and that having someone guide her through it made it nearly effortless.

“I used to sacrifice two hours a day in the gym and could barely lose weight. I couldn’t understand why, and now I know that my body was just burning insulin instead of fat.”

Cravens says that she is ready to lock arms with those who are ready for a serious life change and that she is completely all in with helping you figure it out and be successful. Not only does a client receive Cravens as a coach, but he or she will also receive five out of six meals a day sent straight to your home.

“All you have to do is open and eat five out of six meals a day, and for that sixth meal, I coach you through what to eat that will help keep you on track.”

Cravens shared that the sixth meal isn’t included because her program desires its clients to eventually be able to prepare healthy meals on their own, so that sixth meal is a way of keeping a client in the routine of meal prep, cooking, etc. 

“These meals are going to send your body into fat burn, and you do not have to exercise to see amazing results,” shared Cravens.

Beyond weight loss, Cravens says that the “non-scale” health benefits of her program are off the charts.

“When you are in a cycle of fat burn, you will feel clarity and have incredible energy. And one of the best parts of this program is that you don’t have to eat this way for the rest of your life. You only need to eat this way when you are in the process of weight loss. Get your health habits down pat, and then when you reach your goals, we’ll navigate through a four-week transition out.”

Cravens shared that she would never throw anyone to the wolves and that she will be a phone call (or just a few miles) away whenever a client needs her. 

“I want people to know that I am a health coach because I saw how simple this program is, and I know the power it has to pull people out of bondage,” Cravens shared. “There’s a lot that people associate with food. I help my clients finally start to peel back the layers to their food issues and equip them that one season of sacrifice can help them let so much of that go.”

Cravens empathizes with those who have past issues that may have led to unhealthy situations.

“I feel like people get to this point where they don’t actually believe that it’s possible to experience freedom in this area of their lives. It’s so possible though, and I’m going to help them do it.”

Cravens says that her level of support will likely surpass anything that clients have experienced before.

“If you tell me that you want to get healthy enough to take your kids on a hike to the waterfalls, we’re going to print out and tape up pictures of waterfalls for around your house. People are out there who are missing out on life because they haven’t found the right vehicle to help them. I don’t want them to miss out on any more life.”

Cravens says that the next steps are as easy as sending her a text, call, or email and setting up a free health assessment.

“I’ll share more about the program, help you place your first month’s order, and then help you prepare every single day until your order arrives.”

She says that the accountability one will experience is unmatched and that there will be one-week celebrations that then lead to strategizing for week two.

“I promise you that I will help you. We can do this together!” shared Cravens excitedly. She says that she is more than ready to help others by continuing to live out her business’s overall mission, which is to help individuals find their way back to the life and experiences they desires.

Besides coaching others to lifechanging health habits, Cravens says that there are other benefits to being a health coach that have kept her motivated to work as hard as she does, and it’s all for others.

“I donate 10% of my profits to Project Rescue, an amazing organization that helps those who were rescued from human trafficking. It’s also allowed me the time freedom to train and join the Sartec K-9 unit volunteer rescue team with my dog here in north Alabama.”

Next Steps with Craving Health LLC

Step 1: Call, text, or email Lindsay and share your interest in learning more, or skip right to filling out a free health assessment. Expressing your interest commits you to absolutely nothing and is risk-free, of course.

Step 2: Decide on the right plan for you and commit.

Step 3: Purchase your order online and wait for it to arrive and begin your journey!

Contact Lindsay Cravens

Fill out a free health assessment to get started.

Phone (call or text): (916) 509-2769




Lindsay’s Referral Program

If you send this information to someone who signs up with Lindsay, she will send you a $25 gift card to your favorite store of choice as a thank you for your referral!

Author note: While I have not completed this program myself, I am fascinated by the science Cravens shared and her passion for helping others. Her four-year resume of client stories also blew me away, which is why I decided that sharing her story as a local resident was an amazing fit as a partner with All Things Madison since she is local. To learn more about how this website works, please visit our disclosures page and advertising page. As always, any opinions shared across our platforms are the author’s alone.

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