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Want an As-Needed Office in Madison? Here’s How One Local Business Owner Makes the Most of Being a Tenant.

For My Size Marketing owner and marketing consultant Melody Tholstrup, being a virtual tenant at The Offices at Spenryn has been a key element in continued business prosperity.

Now she wants other Madison professionals to know about this local resource too in case it’s just the answer they’ve been looking for when it comes to growing in certain business areas.

Tholstrup began her own marketing business over 10 years ago and instantly knew that working from home was a tremendous perk, especially when her now-college aged children were young. She began running into issues though when it came time to expand her business with various coaching groups and paid workshop opportunities.

“I really didn’t have a resource that I could afford or that had exactly what I was looking for.”

Tholstrup was then introduced to the idea of a virtual office in 2017 shortly before discovering the brand new Offices at Spenryn in Madison.

“I wanted a space to point my clients to where we could meet for group trainings, one-on-one meeting, or even just a place to head to occasionally use as a day office as a break from my house.”

What is a virtual office at The Offices at Spenryn? It’s a co-working opportunity where tenants pay a small monthly fee (roughly $99) to be able to utilize the meeting rooms, small work rooms, and conference areas on an as-needed basis. There are a handful of other benefits too; Keeping reading!

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The Offices at Spenryn fit the bill for Tholstrup’s needs and included a variety of bonuses she wasn’t initially looking for but has sure enjoyed.

Some of those extra bonuses include the ability to list The Offices at Spenryn as a physical business address. This is highly important for Google in recognizing the validity of one’s business.

Additionally, Tholstrup says that having Spenryn owner Lisa Smith as a colleague has been a tremendous gift. 

“Lisa is so supportive and makes everything so easy.”

She also cited that one of the best perks of being a virtual tenant is the connections that Smith has made for her with other local business professionals. At Smith’s core, she is an incredible connector.

“Most of my day-to-day tasks are done at home, but it’s so nice having the option to schedule some time at Spenryn. Some of my clients don’t like to Zoom and prefer to meet face-to-face, and being a virtual tenant gives me instant access to scheduling a quiet meeting space to meet with them.”

Tholstrup says that booking workspace at The Offices at Spenryn is a piece of cake. All she does is pull up the online scheduler, book a room and time, and it’s then available to her for meetings, trainings, and more. 

One of Tholstrup’s flagship programs is her MAP program (Marketing Accountability Partners), which includes a small group of business owners that talk and share resources on a frequent basis. She says that being a virtual tenant at Spenryn has come in handy multiple times when conducting her MAP program and meeting the needs of her clients. 

Are you looking for marketing help in addition to a virtual office? Check out My Size Marketing. They have one-on-one coaching packages, short-term marketing options, and a slew of other options to help big and small business gets their ducks in a row and level up what they’re currently doing. To learn more, visit the My Size Marketing website now!

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