Trash Pandas Events: Saturday’s “Diamond Dig” Details All Summed Up

If you drive west on I-565 tomorrow evening around 8:45(ish) p.m., you may be able to glance over at Toyota Field and see a bunch of adults under the bright stadium lights who are dashing around the infield. Just thinking about the future scene makes me giggle a little. 😉

They’ll be sprinting around for good reason though: There’s a $5,000 diamond up for grabs to the lucky participant that finds it!

Trash Pandas Event: Diamond Dig -They'll be sprinting around for good reason though: There's a $5,000 diamond up for grabs to the lucky participant that finds it!


Saturday’s “Diamond Dig” event is sponsored by Hobbs Jewelers and is composed of some hang-out time at the stadium (doors open at 5:30 p.m.), a viewing of Sweet Home Alabama at 7 p.m., and then finally the grand event: the diamond dig!

All participants in the diamond dig will be given a contraption of some kind to search for the faux diamond. The one who finds it will be given the actual 1-carat piece.

Viewing the movie is available to everyone, but only guests age 18+ are eligible to search for the diamond.


A handful of food and drink options will be available, including the Dumpster Dive concession stand. Trash Pandas merchandise is generally sold view their store as well.


Guests will be able to choose stadium seating or bring a blanket and lounge picnic-style in the outfield. 


Registering for this event is a two-part process:

1.) Purchase your ticket here. A $3.62 fee with be tacked onto your whole order for online processing. 

2.) Once you’ve purchased your ticket, register for the Diamond Dig segment. The “diamond finder” must have previously registered for the event in order to take home the prize. (Can you imagine finding the diamond but having failed to register? Oy.)

As always, have your mask but be ready to have a good time. Personally, this event has me giddy. You’ll see me out there sprinting around acting like a clown. An adult sort-of scavenger hunt sounds like an absolute ball. 😉

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