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A Full Explanation of the Trash Panda’s Mini Plans, and Why They’re the Happy Medium You’ve Been Wanting

If you’ve seen a blurb about the Rocket City Trash Pandas “mini-plan” option but didn’t look too far into it because you weren’t entirely sure what it entailed, I’d love to tell you about it! This is truly the happy medium between being a full-fledged season ticket holder and a single-game ticket purchaser, and it comes with perks galore. Listen up!

What is a mini-plan?

Purchasing a mini-plan means that you will have tickets to 20 out of 69 home games on tap for the 2022 Trash Pandas baseball season.

Which 20 games are included in the plan?

That’s up to you… kind of! Named after the three infamous Trash Pandas Astro Racers seen running around the field, the Trash Pandas offer three plans with pre-selected games. Choose from Buzz’s plan, Neil’s plan, or Sally’s plan!

Buzz’s plan includes six Friday and Saturday games, four Sunday games, and Father’s Day! (That sure makes figuring out what to do that day easy!

Sally’s plan includes the most fireworks! So fun!

This ticket package includes a whopping seven Friday and Saturday games and three Sunday games!

Neil’s plan includes the most holidays (Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day weekend), which makes planning for those special days a cinch! Forget worrying about what to cook and what to do on those special days; Just bring the family to the Trash Pandas game!

This ticket package option includes five Friday and Saturday games and five Sunday games!

If I purchase a mini plan, which seats will I get?

Awesome question; So glad you asked! 😉 Drum roll please…. YOU GET TO PICK THEM!

This is such a great perk to having mini plan tickets because you’ll have the same seats at each game you attend. Get to know the folks around you, watch from your preference vantage point, and grab those most desirable seats before single-game tickets go on sale (which is soon by the way – February 26th!)

Are there any other perks to purchasing a mini plan?

Yes! You’ll receive 20% off of parking for every game as well as 10% off of all merchandise at The Junkyard store!

Mini-plan purchasers will also be available to purchase additional single-game tickets before they go on sale to the general. If the season home opener is on your radar, purchasing those tickets for that game during the pre-sale time is crucial.

Lindsey Knupp, Vice President of the Rocket City Trash Pandas, encourages fans to check out the promotional calendar and eyeball various promotions throughout the season. She says that if there’s a promotional item you have your eyes on, make sure to grab the mini-plan tickets that include that specific game.

“So I purchased 20 games can’t attend a few. Now what?”

If you have tickets to a game that were included in your mini-plan that you cannot attend, you have several options for how to pass those tickets along to someone else.

  1. For starters, you have the option to donate your ticket to the Trash Panda’s program that matches unused tickets with non-profits that could use the tickets.

“We have all kinds of organizations and even veterans that we work with that we share unused tickets with.”

Knupp says that mini-plan holders can rest assured that the tickets that the Trash Pandas will do the work to ensure the tickets are used well.

2.) Another option is to transfer them to a friend, family member, co-worker, etc. These tickets are fully transferable via an easy online platform to anyone else that wants to utilize them.

Knupp says that this is a great option if you’d like to sporadically gift your tickets to others.

3.) A final option is to attempt to resell them via a program that the Trash Pandas offers.

“If you purchase a mini-plan but know up front that you can’t attend certain games, you’re welcome to put them back in the pool of single-game ticket sales. If your seat sells, we’ll credit your account for the amount of the ticket.”

Next Steps

If a mini-plan is on your radar, Knupp says that now is the time to hop on this fantastic opportunity. All plans are available and include seat selection through February 22, 2022. Pre-sales for single-game tickets for season ticket holders and mini-plan holders begin on February 23rd, and all single-game tickets go on sale to the general public on February 26th, 2022.

To learn more about the Trash Pandas mini-plans and purchase them, click here. You’ll be able to select your seats right away and be ready for the game to kick off in April!


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