How to Shop at The Furnish Co: An Exclusive Shopping Event for High-End, Quality Furniture in Madison

Disclaimer: I am so excited about writing this article, I can’t stand it! 

Several months ago, local resident Mandy Pfiefer reached out and shared a tiny snippet about a business concept she was bringing to Madison. She described it as a warehouse-type furniture sale with quality, affordable pieces that were trendy but often timeless. I was immediately intrigued not only because I personally love some of the styles she mentioned (Studio McGee, Magnolia, coastal, contemporary, etc.) but also because I knew our area had nothing like this. Nothing.

And if you’ve been around All Things Madison long enough, you know how excited I get when creative, brilliant business owners decide that Madison is the right place to bring their ideas to life.

Fast forward to this month, and The Furnish Co is ready to go! The warehouse has been revitalized, the furniture is set up beautifully, and the brains behind the biz are giddy for the community to storm through the doors and discover new treasures to take home and call their own. 

What is The Furnish Co Sale in Madison, Alabama?

On Saturday, July 24th, 2021 The Furnish Co will open its warehouse doors at 8 a.m. for an exclusive sales event for quality, high-end, affordable furniture and home decor. Shoppers will be able to select items to pay for and take home that day.

Manufacturing and shipping delays have caused significant wait times for customers who generally shop online for their home furnishings, but this big shopping event requires no waiting for customers.

Simply find an item you’d like to purchase, flag down an employee who will be walking around with an iPad, pay for the item, and then either take it home if you’re able or come back with the appropriate vehicle to haul it off. Employees will be on hand to help load! It’s that easy!

Customers will discover couches, coffee tables, dining tables and chairs, rugs, side tables, mirrors, wall decor, throw pillows, styling knick-knacks, and so much more.

Author note: I was fortunate to be present at the warehouse as dozens of items were being offloaded and set up, and my jaw was continually on the floor. The available pieces throughout the warehouse are just so good.

Vendors will be set up through the expansive warehouse parking lot to allow guests a full shopping experience and loads of fun. On-site vendors will include Pure Joy Plants, Melt Down Ice Cream Truck, Noella’s Flower Truck, Free Thought Coffee, and Taqueria El Cazador!

The Furnish Co co-owners Mandy Pfiefer and Kim Aube hope to put on this sale one Saturday per month. Three cheers!

Though the shopping element of this new business is so great, the motivation for starting the venture is even more noteworthy and meaningful. 

Co-founder Pfiefer says that the idea for The Furnish Co was born from a deep desire to help raise funds for Make It Matter: The Collective, a non-profit organization that strives to meet the needs of youth that are aging out of the foster care system in tangible ways.

After being inspired by a similar warehouse sale concept near Nashville, Pfiefer wondered if our area could support a sale like this. She consulted longtime close friend Kim Aube about pulling this new concept off with her, and she was totally on board.

The two women officially reserved “The Furnish Co” name on January 25th, 2021 and have been working night and day since then to bring this warehouse sale to life. 

“This entire idea is designed to support and fund Make It Matter,” shared Pfiefer. “The word ‘furnish’ means to provide something, and our mission here is to provide quality furniture. But really, we are here because we want to be a part of providing for these kids who are aging out of the system.”

Pfeifer is on the board for Make It Matter: The Collective and has a huge heart for the foster care system; she was a foster parent for many years and actually adopted four children through it. She deeply believes in the work that Make It Matter is doing, including “The 614 Initiative“, a plan to build a $7.5 million local apartment complex to house youth that are aging out of foster care. 

Make It Matter President Erica Hardesty beamed as the two women shared about their deeply invested interest in seeing the 614 Initiative concept come to life. 

Hardesty’s professional experience has allowed her to see some of the “great and not sp great” aspects of the foster care system, and her passion to practically meet the needs of these youth aging out is what drove her to create Make It Matter: The Collective.

Make It Matter: The Collective President Erica Hardesty

“If you care about homelessness, incarceration, or human trafficking, then you actually care about foster care,” shared Hardesty when discussing the statistics of aged-out foster care youth that end up facing one or more of the aforementioned issues.

The 614 Initiative plans to build an apartment building where aged-out foster care youth can call home for two years while being matched and mentored with a consistent adult for two years. Mentors will help these youth find local jobs and work diligently over the course of two years to begin establishing some independence and chart the course for a successful life ahead. 

“A lot of youth in foster care actually qualify for amazing college scholarships, but there’s no one to actually help them do the work and guide them towards those scholarships. We want our mentors to hold their hands and do that kind of thing with them,” she shared.

“We want this to be a community thing,” shared Aube. “We want everyone to come together and make this happen.”

Pfiefer, Aube, and Hardesty are thrilled that it’s almost time for the sale and encourage shoppers to be patient and have fun shopping at this first-ever event in our area. The sale is a rain or shine event. 

The Furnish Co July 2021 Sale

Date: Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Time: 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Where: 30030 US HWY 72 E

What: The Furnish Co. July sale is an exclusive sales event for quality, high-end, affordable furniture and home decor. Shoppers will be able to select items to purchase, pay for, and take home that day. that day and take home.

Follow along with The Furnish Co and Make It Matter: The Collective

Learn more about The Furnish Co on their website, Facebook, and Instagram. Discover and be a part of Make It Matter: The Collective and the 614 Initiative by connecting via their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

This article is written in partnership with The Furnish Co, a brand whose mission I deeply stand behind and support. Thank you for supporting the brands and businesses that help maintain All Things Madison’s ability to be a free resource for the community.


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