More Than a Salon & Spa: Terrame’s Retail Boutique Now Bigger and Better Than Ever!

Terrame Salon & Spa in Madison has long secured its reputation for being a reliable destination for all things related to self-care, pampering, and relaxation but has recently begun making a big splash in the shopping and gifting realm as well!

Terrame now offers more boutique and gift items than ever before, and owner Charla Johnson says that everything you’ll find within the store has been selected with great intention. Every product line available to purchase from Terrame has been thoughtfully chosen as a brand that Charla and her husband/co-owner Mike are proud to attach themselves to and stand behind.

From handbags to jewelry to skincare for men and women and so much more, Terrame Salon and Spa in Madison is a fantastic resource for grabbing a gift on your way out the door from your service or for swinging in on purpose just to do some boutique shopping!

When asked why Terrame began expanding its gift options by leaps and bounds, Johnson says that it all grew very organically from the desires of hundreds of clients.

“We would hear all the time that our clients wished we carried gifts that they could purchase on their way out the door from receiving their services. We’ve always offered haircare and skincare products for purchase so that our clients could take home the products that we treated them with that day, but we eventually decided that we should offer other items to purchase too.”

At the Madison location, guests will now find more than a half dozen large tables as soon as they walk in that are aesthetically covered in stunning gifts for men, women, and children. Many items are available in pre-made gift sets, while other singular items are ready to be purchased and gift-wrapped complimentary.

“We take great care with our bows, gift tags, and presentation,” says Johnson. “We want these gifts to be ready to give to your recipient as soon as you walk out the door.”

Johnson says that Terrame often receives calls from shoppers who are short on time but looking for a last-minute gift to bring to an event or party.

“You give us an idea of what you’re looking for and your budget and we’ll have something ready for you to run in and pick up that day!”

Terrame’s gift boutique is proud to carry items from a wide variety of businesses, including several that are local. These local options include ShopMOSS, 1818 Farms, LJ Sonder Jewelry, and more.

They are also passionate about offering gifts that make the recipient feel loved and noticed for what she may be facing. They recently began carrying Bryan Anthonys jewlery and has more than two dozen versions of these bracelets in stock. Johnson says that after experiencing a challenging situation earlier this year, she received a piece of jewelry with the word “grit” on it. The gift encouraged her tremendously and almost immediately reached out to the designer with an interest in carrying their jewelry at Terrame.

Finally, Terrame Salon & Spa also offers gift cards that never expire! Gift cards are packaged beautifully and ready to gift on your way to an event. Want to include a pamphlet of services with the gift card so the recipient can immediately get excited about what service(s) to spend the gift card on? Request a pamphlet with the gift card be attached to the gift. 

This holiday season, consider swinging into Terrame Salon & Spa in Madison to browse gift selections like they’ve never had before. Happy shopping!

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