An Honest Review of Brand New Terrame Spa & Salon in Madison, Alabama

Terramé Spa & Salon in Madison is now open in their brand new location on Madison Boulevard, and to have a spa of this magnitude is a real treat for our community. 

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to meet owner Charla Johnson who took me on a tour of the entire facility. We walked and talked and toured every inch of their new location, and my greatest takeaway from our time together is that men and women from all over will feel thought about when they decide to book their services at Terramé. The detail and intentionality that went into planning this salon and spa is something I’ve rarely seen before. 

Johnson and her husband own the Jones Valley and Midtown (Huntsville) locations of Terramé, and have combined the concepts from both to create their largest, most full-service facility yet. 

The Madison Terramé location offers the following services:

  • Men’s and women’s hair services (cuts, colors, wash and blow dry/styling, etc.)
  • Facials
  • Massages (single or double rooms)
  • a hydrotherapy soaker tub (built and shipped from Europe) designed to prime muscles before a massage
  • Makeup application
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Full-body waxing
  • Custom spray tannings
  • Hair extensions
  • Eye lash extension

This location also features shopping opportunities of all kinds, from skincare and hair products, to makeup, purses, general gift items such as candles and jewelry, and so much more. 

Terrame Spa and Salon in Madison is the textbook definition of a one-stop-shop salon where men and women can come for all kinds of grooming and pampering, whether it be one quick service or a half or full day of pampered luxury.

Johnson says that her husband often jokes that “she would give everything away for free if she could” because she loves to see clients feel good about themselves after a service.

“I don’t care whether they have $30 or $500 for services. Some of the people who walk through these doors have saved for months for their service, and we are going to treat every single person like this is their special time,” shared Johnson. 

Johnson says they broke ground on the location in November of 2019, just four short months before the pandemic came swooping in. Though it was an unsettling time to build a new location, she says that they put their heads down and pushed forward despite the uncertainty.

“We are so very thankful to be open,” she shared with a big, relieved smile. 

The exterior architecture of the building was inspired by a specific building in New York City that Johnson has always admired.

Johnson invited me to come into the salon this week to receive a few services with no strings attached, but my experience was so favorable that I couldn’t help but come here to the website and share an honest review with you. I’m genuinely so excited about what our Madison community can now zip down the road and receive.

I arrived at 10:45 a.m., checked in with the friendly receptionists, and was quickly greeted by my esthetician Alex for the Signature Facial. We headed upstairs to the facial and massage area and prepped for the one-hour service.

To be honest, I’m not even totally sure what kinds of products Alex was applying to my face because for the entire hour I was in the zone of relaxation.

The warm table, soft sheets, calming music, and the combination of warm and cool products was so enjoyable. I can’t count how many times I thought or said out loud “Wow, that smells good!” The products were next level. She was attentive to my eyebrows and cleaned them up a bit, which I appreciated. We talked a bit about how irritating masks have been to my face, so she gave extra attention to those troubled areas.

My mom and mother-in-law are extremely reliable when it comes to giving me a hand with our children (grandparents who offer a helping hand are pure gold), so I sent them to get facials recently too. It was funny to talk to both of them separately afterward because they both said the same things – “That was the best thing I’ve ever done!” “I booked another one without even knowing how much it was because it was that good!” “My skin has never felt better!”

Three women, three massive rounds of applause for Alex and the Signature Facial!

After the facial, Alex led me to the nail spa where Kelsey took great care of me. I got a traditional mani/pedi that lasted about two hours. It was the most intentional, personalized, deliberate nail experience I’ve ever had (and remember, I am not being paid a dime to say a word of this!) The oils, paraffin wax, the lack of drills, etc. – it was all just so enjoyable. 

After the mani/pedi, I was instructed to take the elevator downstairs since some of the oils from my pedicure may be a bit slick for the stairs.

From there, I met Lily and headed off the haircare area of the salon for a hair wash and blow dry/style. Lily was so kind and told me that she recently moved here from Portland. I imagine that clients book with her over and over and over again because she gives one heck of a head and neck massage! The products she used smelled so good too.

I learned that everything used within Terrame can actually be purchased to be used at home as well. Everything used within the salon and spa is high quality and heavily researched to ensure fantastic, healthy results.

Lily asked if I had anywhere to go after my appointment or if I wanted my hair styled a certain way, but since I was just going home to hang with my kids, I told her that she could do whatever she wanted. I knew I’d be happy no matter what! She spent time blow drying it and then gave it a casual, tousled, beach wave look. I loved it!

I ended my appointment feeling refreshed and ready to head home to my family after a wonderful day of spa treatments. It was just what the doctor ordered!

Something that really struck me during both of my visits to Terrame was the culture among the employees. Johnson has an undertone with everything she does of taking care of her employees and making sure that they feel good so that they can serve their clients well.

“I view them as my family members,” says Johnson.

Kelsey, who transferred to the Madison store from one of the Huntsville locations, shared with me that Johnson and her husband have taken such good care of the staff during the pandemic. 

“She would literally text every single one of us every day to see if we were okay or if we needed groceries or something. She definitely cares.”

Employee wellness was something Johnson thought a lot about when designing the facility, which is why she has spacious, comfortable rooms for employees to take breaks, eat, and hang out with each other.

She even has a wellness room with floor-to-ceiling windows that she hopes to offer other business owners in Madison who want to bring in their employees and make sure they’re feeling good and taken care of. 

Mimosas and beer will soon be served once COVID numbers have dissipated a bit. Lunches will also soon be served for those who book several hours of services. These lunches will be enjoyed in separate, extremely luxurious spa areas for men and women.

Something I thought about over and over again during my time at Terrame was what a great option this place is to love on the people in your life who could use a little pick-me-up or a big thank you for something.

Need a quick gift? Run in and do some shopping. They’ll even wrap your gifts for you!

Want to spoil someone in a unique way? Book them a service, or two, or three!

Want to enjoy a few services with your significant other? Book a couples massage followed by a pedicure.

Spoil the man in your life with not only a great haircut or beard grooming service in the barbershop area, but he’ll also receive a head and neck massage too. 

There are so many ways to utilize what Terrame is here to offer our community, and I’m excited to see their inevitable booming success!

Follow along with Terrame on Facebook and Instagram, or head straight to their website to book a service! Don’t forget to tell them that All Things Madison sent you. 

Thank you again Charla and Terrame employees for a wonderful day!


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