An Honest Review of Super Chix Catering

When hosting an event, the three biggest things to tackle are usually the venue, the guest list, and the food. For me, the first two are generally the easiest because I usually have a vision ahead of time for where something will be and who I want there.

The food though. CATERING. The catering issue is usually what gets me. My dad grew up in New York City where milestones are celebrated lavishly, and he taught me years ago when we were planning my wedding that the food at an event often sets the stage for what people remember. If the food is good, guests often look back and think warmly about the event. 

This past weekend we hosted our daughter’s birthday party with family and our closest friends. The event venue offered us a large party room where we could supply our own food, and because the event was on a Saturday evening during dinnertime, my husband and I knew we wanted to feed our guests well for giving up their night to come to celebrate our girl.

I hemmed and hawed for weeks over what would be the best option for kids and adults that would also be semi-clean and easy to pick up/set up. Though pizza is one of our favorite foods, we wanted to offer something a bit unexpected. I finally found my answer at a recent business mixer event: Super Chix.

Super Chix is located off Memorial Parkway in Huntsville and has been open for a couple of years. A Madison location was announced a few weeks ago and should open sometime in early 2022 over in Town Madison (Trash Pandas area). A representative for Super Chix was handing out samples during a recent business mixer event that I attended, and everything I tried was delicious. By the constant line of people at her table, I could tell that everyone else was a big fan of what she was serving too!

After taking home a Super Chix catering flyer and looking around at a few other restaurants as well just to be sure, it was super obvious that Super Chix was the right choice to cater our event. And boy oh boy OH BOY, did they deliver!

About Super Chix

Super Chix has less than 10 locations around the country, so Huntsville is super lucky to have one! Our area is doubly lucky that a second one is coming to Madison next year.

Super Chix specializes in all things chicken, and one glance at the menu will have you salivating. If you like flavorful food and you like chicken in all forms (sandwiches, tenders, nuggets, etc.), you will drool over Super Chix. I remember first visiting before the pandemic and was immediately wowed by the vast selection of sauces. I’m a “dipper” and love all kinds of condiments, so this was my kind of place!

Super Chix Catering

After glancing at their catering options online, I decided to chat directly with an employee to see if we could customize my order a bit to better fit our needs. We ended up having 24 adults and 23 children, so I wanted to make sure that we had plenty of food for guests to eat as much as they’d like without having a crazy amount of food leftover. 

I was able to chat back and forth with Lauren, who helped put together the perfect menu for our event. We ended up with 176 chicken nuggets, 64 chicken minis (the best little sandwiches I’ve had in my life!), a full pan of house salad, two full pans of chips, and six sauce bottles. 

What we had leftover: roughly 25 chicken nuggets, 10 chicken sandwiches, a quarter pan of salad, and a full pan of chips. We immensely enjoyed the leftovers over the next couple of days at home and then gifted the pan of chips to our neighbors who were having an event of their own. We were extremely satisfied with the amount of food we ordered because while we did have leftovers, it wasn’t more than we could realistically eat and enjoy at home for a day or so.

Super Chix also provided our individually wrapped silverware/napkins and plates. We provided our own drinks.

More about the food

We picked everything up at Super Chix one hour before our event. It was piping hot and placed in our vehicle by the kind local managers of the store. Everything was hot and fresh!

Once we arrived at our venue, we set the food on the counter, pulled off the metal covers, and let guests dig in. It was so, so easy.

The food itself exceeded our expectations as well as many of our guests’. I heard from so many of our guests that night and the next day about how much they enjoyed the food. Many of them said they’d never been to or heard of Super Chix before, so I was really happy to put it on their radar!

  • Nuggets: Oversized, extra flavorful, delicious.
  • Chicken minis: Oh my. Just so good. Half of a tender served on a Hawaiian roll with a dollop of garlic aioli and a thick pickle.
  • House salad: I never would have guessed that the salad would be a favorite, but wow! Traditional house salad covered in freshly chopped bacon, shredded mozzarella cheese, shaved parmesan, small, thin peppers, and more. Absolutely perfect and a wonderful addition to chicken.
  • House chips: We could choose between having them coated in a salty, sweet, cajun, or rosemary pepper flavoring. They all sounded awesome, but we chose sweet. Lauren had warned me that an entire pan of chips was a lot, and it sure was. They were delicious. Our neighbor told us that her small crew at her event the next day made the entire leftover pan of chips disappear. She said that she didn’t have to reheat them or do anything to them; They were simply devoured.

  • Condiments: We received two bottles each of Signature Sauce, Buttermilk Ranch, and Honey Mustard. Yum! My husband said that the Buttermilk Ranch is the best he’s ever had. I agree.

Super Chix gifted us a portion of our order in exchange for an honest review of their catering services. We would have chosen their catering services regardless though because we could not believe how much food we could get via catering with them for the price. This is another reason why I suggest contacting a local rep at Super Chix to discuss your party needs instead of using the catering platform. I believe you’ll save money by getting exactly what you need for your event without spending a ton extra.

In closing, our first experience catering with Super Chix was highly favorable. The food was wildly crowd-pleasing, the service was spot on, and the prices were just right. We appreciated the ease of it all and will absolutely use them again for our catering needs.

P.S. We are ready for that Madison location and just can’t wait!

Discover Super Chix via their website, Facebook, and Instagram.


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