Success Coach for Men: Why Working with Brian Robinson Coaching is Life Changing

Those who know Madison resident Brian Robinson would often describe him as someone who is kind, confident, strong, wise, and inclusive. He stands 6’5″ and is passionate about fitness. He is a happily married husband and father and a busy entrepreneur.

When we took a walk down memory lane though, Robinson says that his physical appearance and general mindset were very different years ago from the man he is today.


In high school, Robinson loved playing basketball in high school and college, though his insecurity about being what he would label as skinny was often overpowering.

“Gaining weight was hard for me, so I began to think about what I could do differently. I started working out more often, but I’d always quit,” he shares.

Robinson then joined the Air Force and served active duty from 1996-2006. He says that serving in the military and being required to do the same things over and over taught him many valuable lessons about the power of consistency and perseverance. 

Those valuable lessons ended up setting Robinson’s post-military life on a trajectory he never saw coming. Today, Robinson is the powerhouse and owner behind Brian Robinson Coaching, a brand that consists of one-on-one male success coaching, an easy-to-download digital success source, an increasingly popular podcast, and a consistent YouTube channel. 

Robinson holds several degrees and certifications, including his MBA, Master of Arts in Christian Leadership, Certified Life Strategies Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Certified Sports Nutrition Coach. He now combines all of his educational experiences with his professional experiences and true passions to help men aspire for something greater. 

“I help them see a clear future and take focused action so that they can achieve anything that they want in their lives,” shares Robinson. 

As a success coach, Robinson says that one of the first steps he helps his clients take is helping them define what success actually means to them. 

“I will ask you a bunch of questions and actively listen to you,” he explains about meeting with his male clients one-on-one for the first time. 

Robinson shares that most of his clients are able to put their finger on at least one area of their lives that they are struggling with and would like some outside help with navigating a solution. 

“Sometimes my clients are in jobs they really dislike and don’t have a vision for what the future looks like career-wise. Other clients are focused on improving relationship issues, such as with their bosses, co-workers, spouses, or kids.”

Robinson shared that one of his recent clients simply desired to be married and “find the woman of his dreams.” Robinson spent several months as his client’s success coach and then cheered for his client when he found his girl. 

Additionally, Robinson has many clients who are navigating through self-image issues. 

“Self-confidence is usually a by-product of a negative self-image,” he explains. “Your self-concept is how you view yourself, and when that isn’t healthy it affects your thoughts. Those thoughts then spiral and spill into your actions, which may lead to having poor reactions to things or others having negative reactions to you.”

Robinson describes himself as deeply empathetic, a key quality to being a success coach.

“When we are in a session together and you’re communicating your pain points, I feel those with you.”

Robinson traces his ability to put himself in one’s shoes and walk through hard things together back to his own multi-decade journey of pushing through his own struggles.

When Robinson’s first child was just two years old, he navigated through a divorce. He says that he and his ex-wife both wanted the best for their daughter, so he had to work hard immediately to have a sharp mind with a focus on maintaining healthy relationships. 

“That’s one thing that I learned from the military, which is how to show up and persevere.”

When asked how Robinson began Brian Robinson Coaching, he says that he’s always been the friend that others came to for advice, both in college and in the military, and who others would label as easy to talk to.

“Looking back, I think others could see that I cared about them. One thing that has always been consistent in my life is that I’ve always been a person who others came to for guidance.”

Several years ago, Robinson was taking inventory of his relationships, life experiences, educational accolades, and more, and he knew that taking the next step as a success coach for men was the right move. 

Since beginning Brian Robinson Coaching in 2019, Robinson has coached more than 1,000 hours in one-on-one sessions with men both in-person locally and virtually. 

His one-on-one coaching sessions are available to purchase in one-month, three-month, or six-month packages. Sessions generally take place each week, though Robinson will likely touch base an additional 1-2 times each week and walk alongside you as your consistent coach.

Meetings generally take place over Zoom, though Robinson welcomes in-person meetings as well if a client desires and has the time in his schedule. 

“If you are looking for a battle buddy to help you run toward something good in the future, I am that person for you. We are going to establish goals, and I will work with you to get your own clarity on each situation and each goal because I want that clarity to be your clarity, not mine.”

Robinson says that his ideal clients are men who are willing to take action and make consistent changes despite potentially having a small amount of willpower to get there.

He says that each session will be a positive experience and something each client always looks forward to. Each session will generally last about 45 minutes, and Robinson ensures that each meeting will be all about the client. 

“Some of my clients tell me that there is no one else in their lives who will give them that time, but with me, that 45 minutes is all yours.”

Robinson continues to explain that “Men often try to give other men solutions for them, but I don’t do that. I will ask questions to help you develop solutions and a path forward.”

When asked how being a success coach varies from being a counselor or licensed therapist, Robinson explains that “if you need healing from something, you should go to a counselor, but if you have various things you want out of your life and your future, you need a success coach.”

“One of my clients is actually a counselor,” shares Robinson.

Brian Robinson Coaching is not only currently working with many local clients, but he is also working with clients in Florida, Tennessee, and lower Alabama.

When asked what Robinson really loves about being a success coach and working with other men, he says that “I get to use my giftings and experiences and use them to build up other people and help them to see themselves as a little more whole.”

He also adds that it brings him immense joy to hear from his clients that their relationships are better after working with Robinson, regardless of what the goal was. 

“They are having happier interactions with their partners, kids, and employers, and they feel like better people. They know their value and have grown.”

As aforementioned, Success Coach Brian Robinson offers his flagship one-on-one coaching program, but also offers a digital course (low $97 fee!), a free weekly podcast for men, and a free YouTube coaching channel with new videos weekly for men

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