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The Inspiring Story Behind Madison’s Shear Artistry Hair & Body Centre

You are going to love the story behind Shear Artistry and its dedicated owner Stacey Wilson, who openly shares her journey from humble business beginnings to 19 years of beauty industry excellence.

Tucked quietly off of Nance Road in Madison is a local beauty industry gem that’s been flourishing for nearly two decades – Shear Artistry Hair and Body Centre.

Those who have been long-time clients and/or stylists at Shear Artistry will tell you that this special Madison staple is so much more than “just” a salon; it tells a story of dedication, resilience, and the pursuit of genuine hospitality and excellence.

The journey of Shear Artistry began when its owner Stacey Wilson started cosmetology school while she was still attending high school. After graduating from cosmetology school and high school, she began her career working as an assistant in a reputable salon in Huntsville. In those early days, Wilson’s role was primarily focused on washing and shampooing clients’ hair, but she was determined to learn and grow.

While grateful for her first job opportunity, Wilson eventually set out to explore a new salon and continue to grow her skills.

Learning the Ropes in Madison

Wilson’s next stop was at a salon in Madison where she would spend the next eight years of her career.  This salon was bustling with clients, providing Wilson with a plethora of learning opportunities. She observed and learned from experienced stylists, honing her skills over the course of her time at this salon. It was during this time that she started building her own clientele, a crucial step in her journey.

As her career was flourishing, Wilson was also starting her family which marked a significant shift in her desires and priorities. She rapidly realized that she needed more flexibility to balance her career with the precious moments of family life. Flexibility wasn’t an option at her current salon, and not only was she struggling with missing family moments, but a handful of her fellow stylists were as well.

A Journey Through Booth Rental Salons

To achieve the flexibility she desired, Wilson ventured into booth rental salons, but her experience there wasn’t without its challenges. In one such salon, she encountered another less-than-ideal business owner, prompting her to move on after just 18 months.

Wilson’s determination to be a successful stylist while also being a present mom and wife was strong, so she made the decision fairly rapidly to move onto her next venture. She dug deep into the entrepreneurial spirit that she knew she had and set out for what would become all things Shear Artistry.

The Birth of Shear Artistry

Wilson was excitedly ready to join forces with five other stylists who were facing a variety of their own challenges at their current salons and launch Shear Artistry.  Each of them had loyal clients, and with their combined determination, they took the leap of faith to try something new. Though she was only 28 years old, Wilson says that she’s “an old soul at heart” and that once she makes up her mind to do something she’s going to do it.

The early days of Shear Artistry were admittedly marked by challenges.

“It was a struggle,” shares Wilson, who knew that something had to change if they were going to continue staying in business.

The salon's diverse team includes specialists in various fields, from Japanese-speaking stylists to those skilled in perms, tinsel, lashes, brow microblading, nails, makeup (both at the salon and off-site), and so much more. 

Embracing Growth and Education

Five years into their journey, in a truly make or break period moment for Shear Artistry, Wilson made the incredibly risky decision to invest in the future her business. She enrolled in Summit Salon Business College, a consulting firm that helps salon owners succeed. It wasn’t easy financially or time-wise to be away from work for a week, but Wilson recognized that this investment was absolutely necessary for the salon’s growth.

“I finally jumped right into the program, and we’ve been consistently growing ever since.”

In a nutshell, Wilson says that this single decision absolutely paid off and changed the trajectory for Shear Artistry.

Wilson’s commitment to education didn’t stop with herself; she also implemented an associate program to support newly graduated stylists. This program has been a resounding success, as many of the stylists who joined have stayed with Shear Artistry for the long haul.

“I try to give them all of the things that I never had when I was working at other salons,” she shares. “I am flexible with their schedules and never want them to miss school parties or birthday parties for their kids.”

Wilson has also implemented a tiered structure which allows them to continue advancing in their careers and earn more income based on these achieved levels.

Creating a Welcoming and Inclusive Space

One of the hallmarks of Shear Artistry is its level system, which allows clients to choose the stylist and price point that best suits their needs. From affordable haircuts to premium services, there’s something for everyone, which Wilson shares is something she’s passionate about.

The salon’s diverse team includes specialists in various fields, from Japanese-speaking and Spanish-speaking stylists to those skilled in perms, tinsel, lashes, brow microblading, nails, makeup (both at the salon and off-site), and so much more.

Additionally, Shear Artistry offers full-body waxing for both male and female clients, emphasizing its commitment to inclusivity and serving a wide range of beauty needs.

Celebrating 19 Years and Beyond

As Shear Artistry celebrates its 19th anniversary,  Shear Artistry is proud to have remained a constant for those in and around the Madison area. Wilson has not only built a thriving business but also a welcoming and inclusive space where stylists can flourish in their careers within an environment that she so desperately desires when working elsewhere.

Whether you’re seeking beauty services or considering a career in the beauty industry, Shear Artistry is worth a phone call, in-person visit, or website vision. With 19 years of success and a commitment to growth, this salon is sure to continue making waves in the beauty world here in the Tennessee Valley and beyond.

Psst: Not only does Shear Artistry excel in hair and beauty services, but it also offers promotions on retail throughout the year, making it a great choice for gift-giving through the year, but especially during the holiday season! During your trip to Shear Artistry, make sure you poke around at their retail offerings!

Shear Artistry Hair and Body Centre

51 Nance Rd # 103, Madison, AL 35758


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