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Behind the Scenes: Relocation and Senior Transition Services with Life Simplified

There’s a kind of stress when moving to a new home that is universally understood by almost everyone. It doesn’t matter how much stuff you have, how far away your new home is, how old you are, or how much time off you have to move.

Relocating is often one of the most stressful endeavors one will do, so much so that the stress of even thinking about moving is often enough to cause many to pump the breaks. Many will say “it’s just too much”.

Life Simplified owner Karen Wright and her large, local team of professional organizers know that relocating brings on a unique type of stress and have crafted relocation and senior transition services as answers for those who would prefer a hand. 

I was fortunate to be able to go on-site with Wright and her team during a recent project where Life Simplified was hired to help a woman downsize from her home to a 2 bedroom/2 bath senior living facility apartment. Though the woman had the help of her two daughters, they all knew the value of bringing in Life Simplified to do things well. 


For this move, Wright arrived at the woman’s home several weeks ago, performed a walk-through consultation, and discussed the services needed. For this particular project, the client needed Life Simplified to pack her home, hire and coordinate with movers, help direct movers into her new space, and then unpack and set up her new space.

Life Simplified gave her a quote based on the amount of time they predicted this project would take, the client paid a deposit, and Wright and her team immediately got to work. They coordinated with Motivated Movers to pick up her boxes and furniture and then showed up a few days ahead of time to pack her entire home.


During the packing process, Wright worked with the client to go through her belongings and decide what to bring versus what to donate/discard. Wright is passionate about deeply respecting the wishes of the client and never pressuring anyone to get rid of anything that they want to take with them. 

The Life Simplified team coordinates with the moving company to provide boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, and other packaging essentials if the client does not already have those items on hand. They are meticulous about how they pack each box and ensure each has ample labels and is packed with like items. They also have many processes in place to ensure items are properly cared for, such as packing breakable plates vertically instead of horizontally (which often leads to broken items). 

Wright is a certified relocation and transition specialist, so she has ample professional training in this field.

Once the home was packed up, Life Simplified worked with the movers to ensure the house was emptied. Next, they met the movers at the new location to begin directing where furniture and boxes should go.


While furniture and boxes were being moved into the home, Wright and her team were working hard immediately clearing boxes and paper as quickly as possible. Because they typically map out ahead of time where various things should go, they were able to get to work quickly unpacking and organizing the client’s home in a way that makes the most functional sense. 

For example, Life Simplified understands that one of the most important rooms to organize properly is one’s kitchen. The flow of a kitchen and where items are unpacked and stored is crucial to the overall functionality of the space. Most people prefer for a kitchen to be unpacked relatively quickly so that they can begin eating and cooking in the home as soon as possible after a move, and Life Simplified ensures that items are not only placed in spots that make sense but are also organized aesthetically.

For this particular client, a team member ensured that the pantry and cabinets were all labeled well so that the resident had time on her own to explore and learn the whereabouts of her things within the new kitchen. 


I was so impressed with every aspect of this move, but one area of the organization process that stood out was the client’s bedroom closet. Wright and her team understand that getting boxes, paper, and other clutter out of the space as fast as possible is key to a quick and easy adjustment, so their goal is to have clothes hung up on hangers and neatly organized within one’s closet as soon as possible.

Wright knows that each client is likely particular about how he or she prefers their closets to be organized, so once the unpacking is complete, she will then go back with each client to review what they’ve organized and inquire about their preferences for changes made. Wright will take those changes into consideration and further organize one’s home until it’s just the way he or she likes it. 


This is also a prime time to continue decluttering and reviewing items that may not work in the space as the client anticipated they would.

Wright and her Life Simplified team will even decorate for their clients! They have their processes down like a well-oiled machine to unpack all decor items, sort through what stays and goes, begin decorating around the home, pair down again, decorate even more, and then finally leave items alone that possibly don’t have a particular place to go (yet) but that a resident doesn’t want to get rid of either. 

Before going on-site with Life Simplified and seeing their relocation process with my own eyes, I had heard all about it and could see how it was an incredibly valuable service. After witnessing it though, I am convinced that it is the ULTIMATE luxury (and an absolute lifesaver) when relocating.

It’s not just ideal for those who are downsizing and need a little bit of help pairing down. It’s also helpful for that couple in their 20s who are moving into their first home and need expert advice how to best store their items.

It’s perfect for a family like mine with young children who can’t seem to get out from the endless pile of boxes while also having to take care of little ones. Stress levels run so high when moving, but Life Simplified takes the moving process and makes it so much less daunting.

{Author note: After seeing the service with my own eyes, I had a price tag in my head of how much a complete relocation like this would cost. I assumed that it may be unaffordable for most considering the SHEER VOLUME AND VALUE of their work. When Wright told me the price though, I gasped out loud and was quite frankly very confused. I then shared the approximate figure with a couple of my family members who are intrigued by hiring Wright and her team, and they also could not believe the price. Again, just a very personal opinion, but if you assume that a service like this is not something you can afford, I challenge you to get a quote anyway. You very likely may be quite surprised.}


When asked how area residents get started with hiring Life Simplified for all or parts of one’s relocation, Wright says that they need to simply fill out this form on their website. She will then come out to your location and do an assessment of the project. 

During the packing portion, Wright will help clients declutter and decide what clothing, decor, furniture, etc. they want to take with them versus what they’re okay with letting go.

Wright will also make custom room plans at your new location that she’ll use when helping you decide what to take versus what to donate.

As aforementioned, Wright and her team will get moving estimates from preferred movers and then manage the move themselves. 

They pack with care, do ample labeling, and make sure every box and piece of furniture ends up in the right spot on one’s new home.

Wright says that her relocation services help many of her clients regain their lives when it comes to getting out of houses that they’ve been in for decades.

“So many of my clients are overwhelmed and have no idea where to start. Moving later in life is really hard mentally and physically, and we want to help you get from where you are to where you need to be.”

Wright says that she and her team will also help coordinate estate sales for her clients too, which often end up paying for Wright’s services, plus some!

Though Life Simplified thrives on providing the full relocation package for their clients, they are also more than happy to help with smaller moving-related jobs, like packing one’s china cabinet. 

“Clients want jobs like this done right, so we’ll pack what they need us to pack and then unpack what they need us to unpack. When we do both sides of the job, it makes it much more efficient.”

When asked what kind of feedback clients typically give the Life Simplified team after they’ve completed a relocation service, wright says that “most people say this is the best money they’ve ever spent.”

She continued to share that “we truly care about people. We want to make sure their homes are safe and barrier-free. We look at the total picture and really help you get settled.”

She explains that most moving companies are hired to simply pick up and drop off your stuff, which then leaves most “with a massive headache.”

She says that clients who have an upcoming move don’t have to dread the process because she and her team will walk with you through it and get you set up nicely.

Ready to learn more about what it looks like to hire Life Simplified’s relocation services? Or maybe you don’t have an upcoming move but do have a space in your home that you need help with (let me tell you about our garage closet that we’re hiring Wright to help us tackle!). Getting a consultation is totally free; Click here to get started!

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