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Green Service Sets Scout Pest Control Apart: All About This Highly Desirable Service

Eliminating problems, getting to know others, offering the highest level of products and customer service, and pouring into the development of his employees: These are all at the top of what makes owning and operating Scout Pest Control here in north Alabama a dream job for local resident Jared Toone. 

Toone began Scout Pest Control in 2013 and currently services thousands of homes every year via their array of services. From residential to commercial pest control, they offer options for rodents, termites, bed bugs, mosquitos, fire ants, and more.  

One of their flagship services though that Toone says is growing in popularity like wildfire is their Green Pest Control, a service that treats pests with only natural products that occur in nature and are not produced in a lab. The green service utilizes natural compounds such as Boric Acid, Silica Dust, and Pyrethrins, as well as various essential oils such as thyme, rosemary, peppermint, and geraniol.

Toone says that this green service is “a really good fit for those who are concerned about synthetic products that are usually sprayed around the house.”

Another major perk of the green service (as well as Scout’s traditional pest control spray service) is the option to customize the products used based on the needs that the highly-skilled technicians evaluate at the home. 

“You pay based on the needs of what is going on, and we customized the products we use to make sure your home is treated effectively with products you trust.”

Though the traditional pest control service uses many natural, “green” products as well, Toone says that one of the biggest differentiators between the green service and traditional service is the frequency that Scout comes out to do a service. Green services are recommended monthly, while traditional services are recommended quarterly.

Toone ensures though that Scout Pest Control will be out to visit your home or business in between scheduled visits as often as needed if a pest resurfaces.

Another differentiator between Scout Pest Control and other pest control companies is that “we use dust insect control products at every service,” shares Toone, who continues to explain that dust often lasts much longer than a traditional pest control spray.

During every pest control visit, Scout will perform an exterior sweep that is coated in insect control dust, so not only will the sweep remove high-hanging webs and bugs, but the dust will prevent them from coming up. They will sweep at least 16′ feet high, if not higher.

Technicians will also apply an ant bait throughout the yard up to 30′ feet from the home. Toone says that his customers rave about how well his technicians take care of ants.

“Ants and spiders are the two biggest things that people will say we do way better than anybody else,” shares Toone.

Toone says when technicians show up at one’s home, they are loaded with 40-50 green and regular treatment options compared to just a few options that many other companies keep standards on their trucks.

“Everybody does not get the same service,” says Toone. “We train all of our technicians to do what is best for each individual home, business, and yard” which includes offering the aforementioned green service. 

Toone says that his pest control services will mostly stay on the exterior of the home, though his team will gladly treat interior problem areas if needed.

Toone says that he is energized to continue serving Madison and surrounding communities via Scout Pest Control because he enjoys doing something important for other people that he knows they generally would not want (or know how to) do themselves.

As a father of five, Toone is passionate about customer service and making sure that he and his team are providing the highest level of personalized care for each person, family, or business owner that requests Scout’s services.

When asked how Toone found his passion in pest control, he says that he began working in the industry during college and quickly fell in love with the work. He then began to work his way into managerial roles in Virginia and Texas but eventually made his way to north Alabama to raise their children closer to family.

After working with a handful of pest control companies through the first decade of his career, Toone developed a strong sense of ethical standards for how he believed a pest control business should be run, and Scout Pest Control was born.

Since then, he has developed a love for helping employees grow and develop.

“We do everything we can to help support our employees and technicians while they chase their dreams,” says Toone. “We have this attitude here that we want to help and develop you into whatever you want to do, and because of that, we have almost zero employee turnover.”

If you are interested in receiving a pest control quote for the green service or regular service, please give Scout Pest Control a call or fill out this form to receive a free quote!

{Author note: I have been impressed with Scout Pest Control from the first day I heard about them and learned about the things that make them different. While considering whether to hire them for our own home, I asked a family member if she’d ever heard of the company before. She immediately blurted out that she had used them for years and absolutely could not be more pleased. She confirmed that Scout does indeed overdeliver and is exceptionally well-priced for the quality service they provide. I didn’t need any more convincing and am now excited to have our personal pest control in the hands of Scout.}

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