All Things Madison | Local Resident One of Top Sandals Travel Agents in the World
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Local Resident One of Top Sandals Travel Agents in the World

All Things Madison | Local Resident One of Top Sandals Travel Agents in the World

Some would say that local resident Peter Blum has one of the best jobs in the world; He travels to the Caribbean for business nearly 10 times per year doing research and experiencing resorts that he will then pair with interested travel goers.

Blum, the long-time owner of Premium Resorts, is a travel agent that specializes in crafting dream vacations for couples, groups, and families to Sandals and Beaches resorts. Sandals resorts are all-inclusive for adults only, and Beaches resorts are family-friendly all-inclusive resorts under the same umbrella as Sandals.

All Things Madison | Local Resident One of Top Sandals Travel Agents in the World
all images courtesy of Peter Blum

Meeting Peter: It’s a Small World!

I first met Blum here in Madison through our neighbors that not only call Blum a friend but whom they also call upon to book their Sandals vacations.

His vehicle was decked out with the Sandals logo, which piqued our interest immediately because we’ve always dreamed of visiting a Sandals location (we’ve never taken an all-inclusive vacation before!) Some close friends of ours that also live in Madison had just returned from their annual Sandals vacation and had mentioned the idea of us traveling with them in the Spring of 2023 to one of Sandals’ 18 resorts, so meeting Blum felt like the perfect opportunity to pick his brain about what a trip to Sandals would really entail.

All Things Madison | Local Resident One of Top Sandals Travel Agents in the World

We soon discovered that Blum has served as our friend’s travel agent for their annual Sandals vacation for years (Madison is truly a small place!) Our friends had nothing but wonderful things to say about the care that Blum has taken over the years to ensure that they had the exact type of vacation they were seeking.

Booking Our Trip with Peter

After a brief conversation with Blum that evening and then a follow-up conversation about a week later, we paid our deposit and booked a vacation with a few other couples to one of the Sandals resorts in St. Lucia!

Blum did a fabulous job of giving us lodging options at various price points and making the actual payment process a breeze. He has shared with us all about what the next year or so will look like as we make plans to travel as first-time Sandals guests, and we feel completely at ease knowing that the planning is completely out of our hands. We trust that Peter will be in touch with us when it comes time to book excursions, dining, airport transfers, and more, and to say that we’re excited about this upcoming trip would be an understatement!

Blum has been working as a lead Sandals travel agent for over 21 years and has booked trips for thousands of guests. He is one of the top 125 Sandals travel agents in the world!

All Things Madison | Local Resident One of Top Sandals Travel Agents in the World

“I work hard to learn what a client is looking for in their vacation, and then I make recommendations that I think fit best,” says Blum, who travels to each of the 18 Sandals resorts once every other year to ensure that he’s staying up to date on construction, restaurant changes, amenities options, and much more. 

All Things Madison | Local Resident One of Top Sandals Travel Agents in the World

“I love working with people on something so fun, and I love seeing them come back happy and relaxed,” who goes on to explain that working with him to book your vacation is 100% free.

Why Book with Premium Resorts Instead of On Your Own?

Blum says that many people who want to travel to a Sandals resort will make the mistake of simply booking through the general Sandals website, not realizing that working with a Sandals agent is not only 100% complimentary, but the services they provide will ensure that every penny is well-spent on making this the vacation of your dreams.

Blum says that his services include:

  • Identifying which resort is best for a couple’s or group’s interests (because they all have traits that make them unique from the next!)
  • Helping break down lodging options and prices
  • Helping ensure that all discounts are taken advantage of (we were able to obtain a military discount since my husband is an Army Reservist, and Blum took care of all of this verification for us!)
  • Getting all deposits and final payments made
  • Getting excursions set up (both on-property and off-property)
  • Booked meal reservations, if needed
  • Securing airport transfers and offering tips for general traffic there and back (Some resorts are five minutes from the airport while others are 2-3 hours away)
  • Ensuring that check-in goes smoothly
  • All insurance discussions and options
  • and much more!

Not only has Blum helped us select our resort and room as well as lock in the best price, but he has also shared with us our options for how scuba diving works at the resort (an activity we’ve never done before). He ensures that he will get us all set up to take advantage of our resort first-timer scuba diver options as we get closer to the trip.

The Sandals Foundation

Blum’s investment in Sandals extends even beyond booking vacations; He is also a U.S. board member for The Sandals Foundation, a non-profit organization “that is committed to investments that create a positive and sustainable impact on our communities and surroundings.”

They work closely with several groups to provide resources, energy, and skills to make a lasting difference throughout the Caribbean. Click here to read more about The Sandals Foundation.

One of the best parts of having a superior local Sandals agent here in the area is Blum’s ability to meet for coffee (like we did!) to discuss your general travel interests, woes, the process of booking, and more. He has pamphlets, booklets, magazines, and more that will show you all about every single Sandals and Beaches resort. You can keep them too!

All Things Madison | Local Resident One of Top Sandals Travel Agents in the World

If you’d like to email Blum to begin discussing a potential trip to a Sandals or Beach resort, you can email him at or call/text him directly at (256) 777-5777.

Talking with Blum over the phone, via email, or in person is absolutely your best shot at booking the trip of your dreams, but if you’d like to book your trip independently without help but still have Blum on an as-needed basis before or during your trip, you’re welcome to click over to his website and book on your own.

Booking directly through Blum’s website ensures that he will be your agent to help you when the unexpected occurs. If you book through his website, be sure to send him an email afterward letting him know that you booked. (Sandals will also send him an email that someone has booked via his website but will not provide Blum with your name or contact information.)

Making a connection with Blum ensures that you will have him in your back pocket for all of your unexpected dilemmas should they arise. 

Are you interested in booking with a group? I can tell you from experience that Blum makes it all very easy! Though we are traveling with other couples, he is still making sure that all of our unique needs are met and treating us as individuals. He works with everyone separately on booking, payments, etc., but ensures the group stays together and has optimal time together. 

I’m excited to tell you more about local resident Peter Blum throughout the next year as we prep to travel to a Sandals resort for the first time, and I genuinely hope that the information I provide helps you make a decision to travel as well (if you’d like!)

Quick Links for Peter Blum with Sandals

Website | Email | Instagram | Facebook

(256) 777-5777


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All Things Madison | Local Resident One of Top Sandals Travel Agents in the World