All Things Madison | Fitness for 50+ | Restoring Bodies Fitness in Madison
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Fitness for 50+ | Restoring Bodies Fitness in Madison

All Things Madison | Fitness for 50+ | Restoring Bodies Fitness in Madison

Throughout the last couple of weeks, I have spent some time at Restoring Bodies Fitness & Nutrition Services, and I am better because of it.

All Things Madison | Fitness for 50+ | Restoring Bodies Fitness in Madison

During each of my fitness classes at Restoring Bodies, I was challenged physically, encouraged mentally, and inspired to tell as many people as I can about the magic happening at this locally-owned, veteran-owned, and minority-owned business here in our community.

Local resident Tammie Brown opened Restoring Bodies several years ago and survived the devastating blow that the pandemic served her business, which is geared to serving those who are 45+. She says that current members and new members alike are now coming to this gym daily to discover (or rediscover!) what Restoring Bodies is all about, and she is thrilled to shout from the rooftops about the life-giving opportunity she has for those who are ready to prioritize their health.

All Things Madison | Fitness for 50+ | Restoring Bodies Fitness in Madison

I first learned about Restoring Bodies in early 2020 but wanted to revisit their location again this summer to see what the current atmosphere of the gym is and learn first-hand what makes this gym unique.

As aforementioned, Restoring Bodies primarily strives to serve those who are 50+, but the instructors invited me in with open arms and made me feel extremely welcomed (for reference, I’m 34.)

Their “menu” of classes is simple but incredibly intentional and effective; They offer Functional Fitness (strength training), yoga (deep stretching), and Pound (a high-energy class that features drumming, cardio, and strength training). Class times are generally between 7-10 a.m. and again around 6 p.m.

All Things Madison | Fitness for 50+ | Restoring Bodies Fitness in Madison

My assistant Lauryn and I both tried a Friday morning Functional Fitness class. Coach Nealy welcomed us warmly and showed us our individual areas that were set up with the necessary equipment. All we had to do was wait for class to start! The next 45 minutes consisted of a variety of movements that build overall strength in order to tackle everyday tasks, such as carrying in groceries, bending down to pick things up, etc. 

Movements included push-ups, battle ropes, medicine ball squats, hip bridges, kettlebell raises, and more. Coach Nealy modified each of the movements to each person’s ability level, and by the looks of it, every single one of us had a significantly elevated heart rate! 

All Things Madison | Fitness for 50+ | Restoring Bodies Fitness in Madison

For the last 10-15 minutes, the class spent time stretching and talking about habits to continue throughout the rest of the day. I was so impressed with Coach Nealy; I watched as he helped each member with the exercises while either encouraging them to take it up a notch or scale back a bit to allow the heart rate to come down. It is evident that he takes pride in seeing class participants take ownership of their health and wellness.

All Things Madison | Fitness for 50+ | Restoring Bodies Fitness in Madison

“I love working with clients around my age group,” shares Nealy, who is 63, former military, and in one of the best shapes of his life after committing to improving his physical health five years ago. 

“From a psychological standpoint, I know about the physical ailments people my age may have, and I love helping them through those things.”

He is adamant that members will absolutely “get out of being a member what they put into it” which is why he encourages members to attend classes a minimum of three days per week.

A few days later, I popped into Restoring Bodies to give their yoga class a whirl. I hadn’t taken a yoga class in years, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Instructor Chris Irrgang, a peppy, kind, and incredibly knowledgable instructor showed me an area to get comfortable and instructed me on the items I would need throughout the class.

All Things Madison | Fitness for 50+ | Restoring Bodies Fitness in Madison

The next hour flew by in a flash. Irrgang instructed equal parts from her mat as she demonstrated various moves as well as by walking around the room and helping each class member get the most out of each exercise in a way that was personalized to her abilities. My praises for her as an instructor are many.

All Things Madison | Fitness for 50+ | Restoring Bodies Fitness in Madison

Brown says that her instructors at Restoring Bodies are truly top-notch and are all highly self-motivated to continue their own learning so that they can best train and help the members at Restoring Bodies. In fact, the entire team just returned recently from an out-of-town training where they focused on learning more about strength and conditioning for older adults. All of the instructors are 50 years or older too, which makes them highly capable of fine-tuning exercises for those around their age. 

When asked what Brown loves about running Restoring Bodies, she shares that she can’t get enough of seeing members progress and do new things that they claimed they’d never be able to do when they first joined. 

She also explains that while the average age of Restoring Bodies members is around 60, she says that absolutely anyone is welcome to come. She elaborates by sharing that “those who have never done group fitness before or who are intimidated by high-intensity classes would love it here.”

She also says that Restoring Bodies prides itself on knowing each person who walks through the door. 

“We know your name and we know your limitations, and we will cater to that.”

All Things Madison | Fitness for 50+ | Restoring Bodies Fitness in Madison

When asked why Brown is passionate about seeing adults discover (or rediscover) the habit of exercise, she says that a healthy lifestyle is hard to achieve without a combination of exercise and proper nutrition. 

“As a registered dietician, I can share with you all of the reasons that exercise is very important, especially as you age,” she says.

“Some people think that going for a quick walk is enough, but it’s important to have a level of muscle mass too.”

Brown also shares her passion for living a holistic lifestyle through physical fitness, good nutrition, and a positive community.

“All of these things are important for fighting chronic diseases and maintaining good mental health.”

Brown fervently believes that good overall health is not indicated by a number on the scale or a certain body type but that health can look a number of ways.

“You just have to start moving,” she says. “You’re given one body, and we want to help you restore it through small steps that will lead to big results.”

“We want to help you age gracefully, which means that it’s time to start taking care of yourself.”

All Things Madison | Fitness for 50+ | Restoring Bodies Fitness in Madison

Joining Restoring Bodies Fitness & Nutrition Services

Those who are interested in trying a class at Restoring Bodies are invited to click here, create a profile, and register for a class. Individual classes are $15. If you’d like to try six classes before you commit to a membership, you’re welcome to purchase a pack of six classes (any classes of your choosing!) for $80. Purchasing the pack of six classes can be done in person at the gym. Simply register for the class you’d like to first take and Brown will help you with the rest once you arrrive.

Monthly memberships are $99 and include unlimited classes, nutrition help, and the sweetness of a wonderful community of like-minded members. 

Upon arriving at your first class, you will be greeted at the front desk likely by Tammie Brown herself (she loves to meet first-time guests and ensure they have all of their questions answered and are set up well since attending a new gym can be nervewracking.)

She will show you around, get you set with equipment, and show you where to put your belongings. 

The entire atmosphere at Restoring Bodies is casual and comfortable and perfect for those who may not have been to a traditional gym in quite some time. Brown has designed it so that guests feel non-intimidated and right at home. 

I think she’s hit it out of the park, though it has to be experienced to be understood. I hope you’ll give it a whirl!

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