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A Lesson in Window Cleaning by Rocket City Window Cleaning

Rocket City Window Cleaning is North Alabama’s leading professional window cleaner for both residential and commercial windows. In this article, owner Taylor Satula shares tips and tricks on DIY window cleaning and when to call a professional.
Rocket City Window Cleaning | Professional Window Cleaner in Madison, Alabama | The owner has honed his skills to perfection and understands how windows vary.  He understands the right techniques and products for each glass, leaving no streaks, smudges, or scratches.

Rocket City Window Cleaning‘s Taylor Satula says that he encounters some potential customers who aren’t sure why they would hire a local window cleaner when they could “easily” clean their windows themselves.

To that, Satula agrees with the initial thought process.

“Of course, you can clean your windows yourself,” he shares before additionally noting that most will underestimate the time it takes for a non-professional to thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of their windows. He shares that many also underestimate the challenging task of working on tall ladders as well.

Rocket City Window Cleaning in Madison, Alabama

Additionally, he says that many homeowners may not have the proper round-up of products and tools in their homes that are necessary to achieve the squeaky-clean look they’re hoping to achieve. Some popular DIY methods also risk damaging your windows by using window cleaning tools improperly.

Satula shared some great tips with me that will help you keep your windows looking great should you choose the DIY route.

Testing My Residential Window Cleaning Knowledge

Satula recently put my window cleaning knowledge to the test by asking me if I’d ever considered using a variety of common DIY window cleaning methods. He then spent time educating me on why various window cleaning methods are either ineffective or could potentially damage windows.

He also shared more effective ways to achieve clean glass.

We discussed the ineffective and/or damaging use of newspapers, paper towels, ammonia, rough scratch pads, hose-end solution, power washers, and hard-water removal via baking soda and vinegar, toilet bowl cleaner, steel wool, or toothpaste.

  • Newspapers

Modern newspaper ink is different from classic ink and can stain your window glass over time, leaving you with a bigger cleaning issue.

  •  Paper Towels

Paper towels often create lint and streaks on windows, leading to an unclean appearance and potential scratching.

  •  Ammonia

While ammonia may cut through grime, it can also strip away protective coatings on your windows and emit harmful fumes.

  • Rough Nylon Pads

Scotchbrite pads and green kitchen pads are the worst offenders when it comes to scratching and damaging your window glass, leaving permanent marks that are difficult to remove.

  • Garden Hose cleaning solutions (like Krud Clutter or Windex Outdoor Concentrated Cleaner)

Hose-end solutions may seem convenient, but they leave behind a filmy residue and are ineffective at dislodging dirt. No amount of chemicals can replace the scrubbing action of even the simplest brush, making these solutions largely useless.

  • Power Washer

A powerwasher has the potential to shatter your windows, burst the seals that keep moisture out, and take chunks out of the frame. Power washing your windows should be avoided in all circumstances. It isn’t just ineffective, but it could cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. Interestingly enough, it isn’t the pressure that breaks the glass but the repeated vibration of the water hitting the windows.

  • Hard-Water Removal via Baking Soda

Using baking soda for hard-water removal can be abrasive and may scratch your windows, leaving them looking worse than before.

  • Toothpaste

Toothpaste contains sugar and other ingredients not formulated for window cleaning, leaving behind a filmy residue that requires additional cleaning efforts.

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Although toilet bowl cleaner contains hydrochloric acid that could potentially remove hard water stains, it’s too harsh for window glass. It can burn your hands and etch the glass, causing irreparable damage.


We also discussed DIY methods that do tend to be effective.

Satula tells me that it is important to pick a corner of the window to always begin at when wiping the edge using consistent application of your cleaning solution, wiping the sill clean before washing the glass to prevent splatter, and using a non-linting rag to catch smudges to (such as a rag that is gifted to each Rocket City Window Cleaning customer to use on their windows to spot-clean in between cleanings).

Satula also shared an often-overlooked tip: regularly replacing your HVAC filter can make a significant difference in keeping haze and kitchen grease off your windows.

When it comes to residential window cleaning, Satula understands that a clean and clear view from your home windows is more important than many realize. He uses his professional tools, tried-and-true cleaning methods, and effective products to clean a resident’s glass, frames, and screens, all while ensuring that no water spots are left behind.

Testing My Commercial Window Cleaning Skills

After learning the ins and outs of DIY window cleaning at my residential home versus what Rocket City Window Cleaning could do, we headed to a local cupcakery’s storefront on University Blvd. to learn about the commercial side of Rocket City Window Cleaning‘s service.

First impressions matter, and they’re not just formed at the front door. Satula emphasized that commercial windows, whether at the storefront or across a corporate campus, play a pivotal role in shaping these crucial initial perceptions.

Windows that are either dirty or cleaned improperly can subconsciously tarnish a visitor’s view of a business. This is especially important when hosting executive guests, for whom even the smallest details can influence business decisions.

Clean and clear windows aren’t just a key focus; they’re an essential component of comprehensive groundskeeping efforts that aim to create a bright and productive atmosphere. By integrating window cleaning into the broader maintenance strategy, business owners not only enhance customer appeal but also contribute to a workspace that fosters creativity, focus, and overall well-being.

Satula spent time showing me the best ways to DIY a business’s windows; It was tough and didn’t produce the results that I wanted. I’m still learning, but I understand what Satula was talking about when he said “Sure, you can do them yourself.”

After I finished my DIY job on a commercial business’s windows, Satula used his professional tool kit, products, and proven technique to tackle the storefront himself, which immediately enhanced the business’s appeal. It was amazing how quickly he did it! He makes no wasted movements. It was impressive to watch. You can tell he has been cleaning windows for a long time.

Taylor Satula has honed his skills to perfection and understands how windows vary.  He understands the right techniques and products for each glass, leaving no streaks, smudges, or scratches.

Rocket City Window Cleaning | Professional Window Cleaner in Madison, Alabama | The owner has honed his skills to perfection and understands how windows vary.  He understands the right techniques and products for each glass, leaving no streaks, smudges, or scratches.

Here are four reasons why hiring a professional window washer like Rocket City Window Cleaning is a better idea than tackling the daunting task yourself.

1. Satula is experienced: Rocket City Window Cleaning has years of experience as a full-time, professional, one-man show. He has honed his skills to perfection and understands how windows vary.  He understands the right techniques and products for each glass, leaving no streaks, smudges, or scratches.

2. Professional window cleaners saves you time: Cleaning windows can be a time-consuming task, especially if you lack the proper tools and techniques. By hiring a professional like Rocket City Window Cleaning, you can free up your time for other important tasks while enjoying your professionally-cleaned windows.

3. Satula has a checkmark in the “safety” box: Cleaning windows, particularly elevated windows, can be risky. Rocket City Window Cleaning is impressively equipped to handle vertical challenges. Rocket City Window Cleaning is also fully insured!

4. Professional products, tools, and technique: Rocket City Window Cleaning uses tools and cleaning solutions that aren’t typically found at a residential or commercial property.  This results in a far more effective and long-lasting clean compared to DIY methods.

Rocket City Window Cleaning is the area’s leading expert in cleaning storm windows and window screens too!

Did you know that storm windows require special attention, making them extra challenging and time-consuming to clean via a DIY method?

Even for professionals like Satula, the meticulous nature of storm window cleaning can demand up to two full days for some homes. This is because storm windows often have intricate designs and defined grids between the panels, where dirt and grime can easily hide.

Satula employs a unique tool—a water-fed pole—that reaches all of the nooks and crannies, ensuring that your storm windows stay cleaner for longer. This tool uses a low-pressure stream of water coupled with a gentle nylon brush that acts much like a toothbrush, effectively removing hidden debris. Cleaning storm windows is not just laborious; it’s also potentially dangerous, particularly those positioned above ground level.

Older, weaker storm windows can suddenly fall apart as you’re removing them, scattering shards of glass all over your yard. With Satula’s professional approach, you can rest assured that your windows will be cleaned safely and efficiently, avoiding such hazardous situations.

Rocket City Window Cleaning doesn’t stop at storm windows; they’re also experts in reviving your window screens. Satula uses a specialized screen cleaner featuring two opposing rows of 30-inch bristles. Positioned behind these bristles are jets of water that saturate them as they brush against the screen.

Running the screen back and forth through these bristles not only dislodges but also washes away dirt and debris, leaving your screens looking as good as new. Many customers have remarked that their screens appear as pristine as they did when their house was first built.

While the quality of this service speaks for itself, what truly sets it apart is its cost-effectiveness. The screen cleaning aspect is particularly wallet-friendly, providing exceptional value that complements the overall service package.

In summary, DIY window cleaning is a mixed bag. I had a great time learning from Satula, and while I won’t be switching careers to window cleaning anytime soon, I did pick up some valuable tips for keeping my windows presentable between professional cleanings.

That said, some DIY methods, like using newspapers or power washers, can be more damaging than helpful.

For those in search of guaranteed sparkling windows, Rocket City Window Cleaning is your best bet. Satula’s expertise covers everything from intricate storm windows to basic residential cleaning and specialized screen care. It’s a skilled, efficient, and cost-effective choice that I can personally vouch for, making it ideal for homeowners and businesses alike.

Personal testimony: We hired Rocket City Window Cleaning last summer to clean both the interior and exterior of our windows, and we could not have been more pleased. We had lived in our new construction home for 12 months at the time, and Satula was able to remove the excess paint around the frames, window stickers, and much more that we had never noticed. His work gave our windows an incredibly polished look and has made them easier to clean on our own in between hiring him to tackle them professionally.

I admittedly didn’t know anything about window washing prior to meeting Satula with Rocket City Window Cleaning. I thought that a roll of paper towels and a bottle of Windex was all I needed to get the job done, but I learned that hiring Rocket City Window Cleaning isn’t just for convenience. He actually does the job 10x better than I would, so he’s worth it!

Click here to read our review after our first professional window cleaning last summer!

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