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Indian Creek Wholesale Nursery For Fall Blooms and Expert Landscape Design

Read about Indian Creek’s expert landscape design services and how our own side yard was personally transformed by the landscape plan they created two years ago. Readers will also discover why Indian Creek is the ultimate destination in the Tennessee Valley for discovering fall’s most beautiful blooms, both perennials and annuals!

Longtime All Things Madison readers may remember our extensive landscape overhaul project that we took on with Indian Creek Wholesale Nursery here in Madison (which is conveniently located on Slaughter Road). We had just moved into our new construction home a couple of months prior, and we had opted during the building process to leave a particular side yard unlandscaped for a handful of reasons. We’d decided to table this prominent side yard as a project we’d tackle down the road.

As this unsightly side yard became more and more of a pesky thorn I couldn’t turn away from, we decided to parter with Indian Creek and utilize their professional landscape design services.

To go back and read about our entire process from start to finish with overhauling this extensive side yard, click here.

Though we were thrilled with our side yard after the plants were in the ground, we’d been told by our designer that the plants would continue to grow fuller and look better with every passing year. We’d also been given a heads up that at least one plant would be blooming at all times throughout the year.

I couldn’t believe that something could (or would) bloom in months such as December or January, but sure enough, some stunning red blooms began to emerge on our camellias!

Two years after planting our plants, they have absolutely thrived. Everything has grown in incredibly full, and seeing the plants bloom one after the next throughout the year has been really nice. It’s very easy to give our experience with Indian Creek’s design program a 10 out of 10. Scroll through the pictures at the bottom of this article to get an idea of how far our landscaping within our side yard has come. 

When it comes to enhancing the beauty of your own outdoor spaces, choosing the right plants and designing an attractive landscape can be challenging. We’ve personally attempted doing some landscape design and overhaul in previous homes, but nothing ever came together for the long haul quite like what a professional can do and see.

With more than 20 years of doing business in North Alabama, Indian Creek Wholesale Nursery is not only a top local nursery for fall's most popular blooms but also a go-to for professional landscape design services.

Indian Creek has an incredibly impressive team of expert horticulturists who are skilled to view your desired area and overhaul it with a design that will look fabulous as it grows for the long haul.

Expert Landscape Design Services

From quick consultations to 3D designs labeled with plant names, their team of skilled landscape designers will transform your vision (or if you’re me, you’re lack of vision!) into reality. The key to their success is that all plants suggested within the landscape designs are available for purchase right at the nursery. This method saves you time and guesswork from finding the correct plants elsewhere. Customers can also be assured that the health of all plant material from Indian Creek is strong!

Four Reasons to Choose Professional Landscape Design

1. Expertise: Anyone who has browsed a nursery and then attempted to pair a variety of plants together understands that landscape design is more than digging a hole and planting pretty flowers in the ground! Landscape design requires knowledge of plants, their growth habits, and how they interact with each other.

2. Ideal Plant Selection: The Tennessee Valley is magnetic for attracting new residents from all over the world, and our local climate varies from other climates when it comes to selecting and planting the right plants. Indian Creek’s designers will take a variety of factors into account to ensure that your landscaped area thrives.

3. Year-Round Appeal: Designing a landscaped bed that looks great year-round is generally a challenge for anyone who isn’t a professional, but we’ve personally been so tickled to have a side yard area that blooms all year!

4. Convenience: Indian Creek just makes everything easy. They’ll design it all for you, they’ll select the plants for you, they’ll deliver your plants (if you’re like), and they’ll help you find a contractor to plant them (if you’d like). If you’d like to save money by picking up and planting the plants yourself, Indian Creek invites you to do that!

With more than 20 years of doing business in North Alabama, Indian Creek Wholesale Nursery is not only a top local nursery for fall’s most popular blooms but also a go-to for professional landscape design services. Our own experience with their expert team has been nothing short of A+ and has resulted in a side yard that brings us joy all year long.

Three of Fall’s Finest Blooms at Indian Creek

Indian Creek Wholesale Nursery prides itself on being the go-to source for the most sought-after blooms of the fall season. Whether you’re looking to to add some new plants with vibrant colors of Encore Azaleas, the warm and cozy hues of Mums, or the elegant beauty of Camellia Buds, Indian Creek is stocked with all of it!  Their collection is carefully curated to ensure you have access to a variety of plants right here in Madison that can thrive in our climate.


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