More than Pressure and Water: Why 256 ProWash is a Step Above Other Pressure Washing Companies

A combination of Michael Coley’s entrepreneurial spirit, strong work ethic, and last decade of experiences have all led him to where he is today: operating one of Madison’s most well-respected pressure washing companies, 256 ProWash.

256 ProWash is a residential and commercial pressure washing company that travels around Madison and the surrounding areas sprucing up concrete, siding, roofs, gutters, and much more. Coley specializes in not just pressure washing with water but actually using a wide range of highly researched and tested solutions and cleaners to ensure maximum results.

Pressure Washing in Madison, Alabama

Throughout the last decade, Coley has operated a number of businesses, including doing residential maintenance and lawn care. Around the same time that his wife was diagnosed with leukemia, Coley was also asked by a couple of lawn care clients if he would pressure wash their siding and driveways.

“My wife wasn’t able to work, so I decided to take on a few of those extra jobs with my small pressure washer,” Coley shared. “After doing a few of them though, I started thinking about how there had to be a better way to get this done.”

He continued to share his organic path that led to 256 ProWash.

“I began heavily researching the right way to do exterior cleaning and quickly learned that it’s not just about adding pressure to water, which is what so many people do when they’re hired to pressure wash.”

Coley says that using the right chemicals to kill the growth on one’s house is absolutely key.

“The more I learned, the more equipment I had to buy. And then the more I bought, the more I wanted to keep on learning.”

Coley says that people will often say that pressure washing is easy because “you’re just spraying water, but there’s so much more to it.”

Coley says that part of what he loves about his job is educating his customers on why and how he will clean their surfaces.

“Just using pressure on your house is horrible for it, which is why I started learning about soft washing.”

Coley says that water doesn’t actually clean anything beyond making it only visually look less dirty.

“You have to use chemicals, acids, soaps, stain removals, the whole nine yards,” he shared. “If you want to take stain off, you have to hire the right people to do that.”

Coley says that his deep knowledge and experience with exterior cleaning makes him an obvious, safe choice to hire.

“Be careful to not just hire the guy that has the pressure washer from a hardware store,” warned Coley. “We live in a subtropical climate with mold and algae that grow naturally because of humidity. There are various techniques and materials that are needed to safely and effectively knock off that organic growth from your exterior.”

When asked why it’s important that residential and commercial property owners give him a call to take care of their exterior pressure washing needs, Coley says that “letting your house go too long without proper cleaning will start an oxidation process. Once that process starts on your home, fixing it will cost at least three times what a good cleaning with me would have been.”

Coley says that he is ready and able for new pressure washing jobs on brick and concrete and new soft wash jobs on things like roofs, gutters, siding, and more.

When asked what property owners should look for when it comes to exterior neglect, Coley says that black streaks on gutters or shingles that are separating on roofs are obviously signs that things need some tending to.

Coley says that he is especially skilled in gutter brightening and will remove all of those black steak stains.

Commercial Pressure Washing in Madison, Alabama

Coley says that he is currently accepting new commercial clients and especially would love to add some restaurant drive-thrus to his list of cleanings.

“Those areas just get so greasy, and I want to go in and make sure they are well cleaned out.”

Coley says that both residential and commercial potential clients can email, call, or text him to receive a free quote. They are also invited to fill out this form on the 256 ProWash website. His number is (256) 361-3955.

Visit 256 ProWash on the web!

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