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Save Money On Your All-Inclusive Vacation with Sandals Agent and Local Resident Peter Blum

Our first all-inclusive vacation exceeded all of our expectations. We booked with locally-owned agency Premium Resorts and met several times with owner Peter Blum right here in Madison. Read on to discover why booking a Sandals vacation with Blum in an obvious choice!

Earlier this week, my husband and I, along with four other local couples who are friends of ours, returned from six phenomenal days on the island of St. Lucia at The Sandals Grande resort. We had personally never visited an all-inclusive resort, though many of our peers had warned us that we may never want to travel any other way again once we experience a Sandals resort.

We’d had this much-anticipated (and much-needed) vacation booked for over a year, and our expectations for the trip as a whole were exceeded in every way.

If you live in Madison or the surrounding areas and are itching to book an all-inclusive Caribbean getaway, All Things Madison puts a full stamp of approval behind local premiere Sandals travel agent Peter Blum who handled every detail of our trip. Blum is the owner of Premium Resorts

From helping us select the perfect resort for our particular group to selecting the right rooms to finding us available discounts and much more, Blum ensured that our group was taken care of from our first conversation in early 2022 until the time we were waving goodbye to the beautiful resort on Monday. 

What Makes Peter Special

As a resident of this area for years, Blum is well-known and beloved in the community due to his generous spirit and keen attention to detail. Serving as one of Sandals’ lead travel agents is a career that he is immensely passionate about. Blum believes in the power of a restful vacation and one that is planned with one’s unique interests, budget, and timeline in mind. Once Blum discovered what was important to our group, what our budget was, and what time of year we desired to travel, he worked hard to make sure he crafted a wonderful trip.

Because trip planning is one of my favorite hobbies, we had actually never used a travel agent before besides our Disney/Universal trips. I subconsciously assumed that we didn’t need an agent to book an all-inclusive trip. Shouldn’t we just be able to go on the Sandals website and book our trip? Nope!

"When you have a travel agent, you have a friend who can help you feel like the special person you are!" -Peter Blum

What I didn’t know until I met Blum through a mutual friend was that Blum does so much more than “just” book our room.

Here is a list of all of the ways Blum ensured that no small detail was overlooked for our group.

  1. He educated us early on about the Sandals app and ensured that it was downloaded and set up shortly after we booked. Creating a profile early and being able to poke around on the app ahead of time was incredibly helpful (and fun!)
  2. He made sure that we had the right app downloaded in order to communicate with him and our friends during the trip. All of us were very prepared to communicate as soon as we got to the resort thanks to Blum’s advice for pre-trip downloads.
  3. Blum shared with us about spa options that we may have previously overlooked but that ended up being one of our favorite parts of the trip. Not only did he walk us through spa options, but he did the booking for us! We likely would have never looked into the spa without his nudging, and we are so glad we did!
  4. Dining together was important to our group and Blum ensured that our dining preferences were honored. We were the most thrilled about this! (Check the photo in the gallery of our dining agenda. We received this at check-in, and it made dining so easy and special!)
  5. When our group decided to book an excursion one week prior to traveling, Blum did all of the bookings for us. All we had to do was give him permission to charge our cards. Easy!
  6. There were other tips and tricks that Blum shared with us in the days leading up to the trip that helped us navigate the country of Saint Lucia, such as how to get to and from the airport. We would have never known that we could get to our resort via a private car or a helicopter, but Blum shared these options with us and we booked them. So wonderful!
  7. When three of the couples we traveled with ran into canceled flights on their return home, Blum was the first person they all called. He spoke with the airlines and did whatever he could do to ensure they were informed and taken care of.


The icing on the cake is that we enjoyed our trip so much, we put down a small deposit for a future trip! Sandals has a wonderful program where guests are invited to pay $250 before they leave the resort as a down payment for a future trip.

All you have to do is pick your dates and resort and pay the down payment in order to receive 11% off of your entire future trip! Because you are then able to change the resort AND move your travel dates to the left or right by six months, we decided that it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

We booked with a rep at the St. Lucia resort who will now transfer our care to Peter Blum. To say that we are thrilled to have him book our next trip is an understatement!

During our trip, we saw at least seven weddings of various sizes! We met honeymooners, baby mooners, retirees, and those just like us that weren’t celebrating anything in particular except friendship and an opportunity for mental and physical rest. We found all of that at Sandals with Peter.

The best part about working with Blum is that it’s not only 100% free, but he will strive to help you save every penny you can via available discounts.

If you aren’t sure which resort to visit or what time of year to travel but you know you’d like a Sandals all-inclusive experience, call, text, or email Blum to pick his brain. He is so prompt with communication!

In fact, my own parents are booking their 40th-anniversary trip with Blum for later this summer, and he has been so helpful with my parents already.

Blum says that “when you have a travel agent, you have a friend who can help you feel like the special people like you are!”

Quick information for Peter Blum with Premium Resorts

Website | Email | Instagram | Facebook

text: (256) 777-5777

call: (256) 729-0200



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