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Huntsville Wedding Venue: This article is written as part of the “Away From Here” series where All Things Madison branches outside of our city and explores destinations for residents to visit when they want to get “away from here”. Today we’re heading north near the Alabama/Tennessee line to New Market, Alabama to explore a stunning new wedding and event venue on the scene! Come along!

New Market’s stunning new wedding and event venue Ivy Oaks opened last fall and has since become a location where many couples have tied the knot! With more than a dozen weddings on the calendar for the near future, Ivy Oaks knew that it was time to launch additional wedding ceremony sites on the property that interested couples could select from.

Each ceremony site offers a unique backdrop, center aisle, and something a little whimsical to suit the preferences of each couple.

The Grove

The Grove is set on the most expansive area with wide open green space on all sides of the ceremony site. The Grove would be magically ideal for couples who desire drone photography overhead for great shots of everyone in attendance.

The bridal party will walk down a long, dreamy aisle through an arbor that will soon be covered with a variety of stunning perennial vines, including beautiful wisteria. The couple will marry in front of a picturesque background of towering trees and vibrant landscaping all around. If a couple is lucky, they may be greeted by the gentle rustling of leaves during the ceremony which adds to the soothing, romantic, natural ambiance of the joyous occasion.

The Secret Garden

Walk too fast, and you may just breeze by The Secret Garden without even noticing it just feet away! Nestled in a quaint rustic haven, this next outdoor wedding ceremony site will have guests audibly gasping as they venture along the natural path that leads past a remodeled chicken coup to a stunning display.

A magnificent, weathered tree stands proudly in the background with branches that are ideal for draping fabrics of one’s choice for extra whimsy. I can only imagine that as a gentle breeze moves through, the sheet will sway beautifully, creating the most dreamy atmosphere.

The Secret Garden has a bit more protective shade, providing respite from the sun and creating an intimate space for exchanging vows.

The Original

This natural sanctuary is elegant, romantic, customizable, and a photographer’s dream! Sturdy, decades-old trees stand proudly behind the venue, creating a beautiful backdrop. At the heart of this ceremony site stands a handmade, natural white arch that can be adorned with as many florals as one desires. This archway will serve as a beautiful, unique focal point for the two that are tying the knot!

The rows and rows of benches complement the natural surroundings and offer both comfort and whimsy.

Behind the seating area is a set of double doors that stand tall and create an air of anticipation. Behind those closed doors, the bride will wait for her grand reveal, hidden from the eager eyes of her guests. This is a unique touch because many outdoor ceremony sites do not have the option to conceal the bride.

This original wedding ceremony site blends natural beauty, an elegant archway, lots of seating, and more where sweet memories will be made and savored.


There are many (many!) perks to booking Ivy Oaks while it’s still in its infancy as a business! Any couple that books their 2023, 2024, or 2025 wedding by July 31st, 2023 will receive 25% off of their entire package price!

All that’s needed to book your wedding (or other event) is a $500 down payment and a signed contract. That’s it! The owners are happy to work with each couple to create a custom payment plan that works with their financial needs and planning.

The owners at Ivy Oaks have established fantastic relationships with wedding vendors across the region and have deeply discounted rates with a variety of them, including pricey DJs!


Couples will have access to all nine acres of the Ivy Oak property not only during their wedding weekend but also to use for engagement pictures as well!

Speaking of pictures, there are three locations throughout the Ivy Oaks property that have exploded in popularity for professional photography shoots. Businesses and models alike have been flocking to Ivy Oaks to be the backdrop for their sessions, and these three locations in particular are yielding stunning images!

Welcome to “the ponds”, “the vines”, and “the flagstone”, where the lighting hits just right at various times of the day. Grab your favorite photographer and head to Ivy Oaks for your upcoming session! (Session fees may apply for those who do not have a wedding or event booked already at the property.)

Ivy Oaks is a dream come true for couples who are looking for an inside/outside wedding venue where everything from the rehearsal to the rehearsal dinner to the full day’s festivities can all take place at one picturesque and romantic location.

Next Steps for Taking a Tour at Ivy Oaks

Interested in touring Ivy Oaks to see if it’s the right fit for your upcoming wedding or event? John & Rachel Rutledge are committed to making your dreams come true at Ivy Oaks! Click here to send Rachel an email! She’d be delighted to hear from you and schedule a time to visit at your convenience.

Psst: Did you know that New Market has some of Alabama’s most desirable and frequently booked Airbnbs? Check out this list of options for your stay! The cottages and tiny homes are so precious!

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176 J B Walker Road, New Market, AL, United States, Alabama

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