The Resource that Every Work-from-Home Professional in Madison Should Know About

Raise your hand if you work from home.

Keep your hand raised if you occasionally find yourself craving a change of scenery during the workday.

Continue to keep your hand up if coffee shops and public workspaces just aren’t going to cut it for your needs.

If your hand is up (or maybe just an eyebrow is raised with intrigue!), I have a really awesome resource for you that’s likely just around the corner from your home and that you’ve likely never heard of.

Welcome to The Offices at Spenryn, a large co-working space off of Sullivan Street here in Madison that offers those who work from home the opportunity to be “virtual tenants”. Virtual tenants pay a low $99/month fee, which opens up a slew of options to mix and match to meet one’s needs.

Owner Lisa Smith says that The Offices at Spenryn is “a hybrid of in-house as well as independent workspaces that consist of conference rooms, private rooms, as well as a 50-60 seated person room.” A full, well-appointed kitchen is on-site as well for tenants to use as they’d like.

Though some of the facility’s rooms are privately-rented offices for various business owners around town, other parts are designed to serve the many needs of those who work from home but often crave a place to work quietly by themselves, meet with a client or team member, or even host a large professional gathering of some kind.

Smith says that being a virtual tenant means that the sky is the limit for how space can be used and that she strives to make her virtual tenants’ experiences extremely favorable.

“I like to give personal attention to each of my virtual tenants,” shared Smith. “This is a great place to receive your businesses’ mail, to have some quiet study time, to meet with others, and so much more.”

Smith says that the first thing she discusses with interested tenants is what their immediate needs are. She will then craft very personalized ways to make sure that The Offices at Spenryn meet those exact needs.

Here are the two most popular ways that Smith often sees her virtual tenants utilize the facility.

  1. Members often list The Offices at Spenryn as their business’s mailing address. Smith says that this allows business owners who work from home to maintain some privacy and keep their home address disconnected from business handlings. Members are also invited to have mail and packages shipped to The Offices at Spenryn, which Smith says she’s happy to intercept, and then text the recipient a picture of everything as it comes in. This is just one of many ways that Smith strives to deliver very personalized options to her tenants.
  2. Members often utilize the online booking system to reserve time to come into a meeting room and work solo or meet with a client or team member(s). Smith shared that the list of varied professions that are signed up as virtual tenants is vast. From realtors to gym owners to online jewelry makers to undergrad and graduate students and much more, Smith says that she has helpful space for everyone.

Smith shared that safety is a top priority and that the offices are a locked facility, “so I know every single person that’s come through the door.”

Smith also says that tenants can expect to show up to a facility that is professionally cleaned and well maintained with frequent paint touch-ups, comfortable furniture, and much more.

Smith believes that one of the biggest perks of being a virtual tenant at The Offices at Spenryn is the opportunity to connect with others.

“I am a connector at heart,” she shared. “It’s always good to know other good people, so I enjoy connecting professionals in our area with others that may be able to mutually benefit each other in some way.”

Smith understands that many are struggling through the adjustment of working more often or permanently from home and says that she “doesn’t want to see people struggle when there’s a great solution right here.”

“There is a need for us here in Madison, and we are here to meet that need.”

Those who are interested in learning more about becoming a virtual tenant at The Offices at Spenryn can start by emailing Lisa Smith and sharing some of one’s needs. From there, Smith says that she will be in touch to share a variety of options that she’ll put together in a custom way to meet your needs, and give one the opportunity to become a virtual tenant as soon as possible.

Learn more about The Offices at Spenryn

To get started, please click here and fill out the form. Lisa Smith will be in touch soon!

Follow along with The Offices at Spenryn on Facebook or Instagram or head straight to their website to learn more.

This article is written in partnership with The Offices at Spenryn. Thank you for supporting the businesses that keep All Things Madison a free resource for our community. All photography is by Whitney Briscoe Photography.

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