How a Variety of Work-from-Home Professionals Utilize The Offices at Spenryn in Madison

The Offices at Spenryn here in Madison offers a lengthy list of options for professionals who regularly work from home. Owner Lisa Smith says that she recognizes that while many find comfort and flexibility working from home, it occasionally presents unique challenges.

The Offices at Spenryn strives to fill in the gaps for those who are looking for a physical business address, a permanent office space, conference meeting options, private workspace on an as-needed basis, and so much more.

Smith says that her tenants have a wide variety of occupations and professions but that her facility has been able to customize options to meet the exact needs of each of them. She recently shared with me a shortlist of how a handful of her tenants utilize all that The Offices at Spenryn has to offer.

Psst: The term “virtual tenant” mentioned below is a term used for those who pay a low, flat fee each month to utilize a long list of benefits at The Offices at Spenryn, but they do not have an actual, permanent office. Virtual tenant benefits include (but are not limited to) using the office’s physical address for mailing needs, having the chance to reserve private workspaces on an as-needed basis, being able to gather with clients on an as-needed basis, and more.

Amazon Reseller 

This virtual tenant is required to have a professional address in order to sell her goods on Amazon, so her membership allows her to list The Offices at Spenryn. Smith also collects all of this resaler’s mail when items are returned. Smith holds onto everything until the resaler is able to swing by and pick it all up. 

Beauty Consultant

Smith shared that this virtual tenant often reserves a private workspace on an as-needed basis to come in and make all of her phone calls in a blocked-time format. The consultant has shared with Smith that she feels much more productive doing work-related tasks in this private workspace option.

Birmingham-based Financial Planner

This particular financial planner travels frequently to Madison/Huntsville area but not frequently enough to justify having a permanent office. The Offices at Spenryn is the perfect solution because he or she is able to reserve a conference room or other workspace option with plenty of space and tables to safely meet with clients and work. 

Car Detailer

This particular professional utilizes the exterior parking lot of The Offices at Spenryn. Smith shared that as a car detailer, he simply needs a private place to do his work. Smith says that he uses a side portion of the parking lot to take care of everything he needs to do.

Smith says that this is the perfect example of how she will listen to your needs and cater to them in a very personal, individual way.

Property Manager

Similar to the financial planner, Smith shared that the property manager uses The Offices at Spenryn as a virtual tenant. Not only does he or she utilize the option for having a professional address, but he or she also frequently reserves meeting space to gather with clients.

More professions that utilize The Offices at Spenryn

One of the top benefits of being a virtual tenant is having all of the amenities of a professional office without the large overhead of a brick and motor location. Smith reiterates that many of her virtual tenants simple desire to give the appearance of having a professional address without any of the strings that come with it.

More examples of professionals that have found great value in being a virtual tenant at The Offices at Spenryn include

  • a custom jewelry maker (meets with clients to pass off jewelry, uses the address for returned mail)
  • a marketing coach (often utilizes private rooms)
  • a private in-home chef (primarily utilizes the address component)
  • several authors (for quiet work time or conference room options)
  • non-profits/501c3 groups
  • and many more

Smith recognizes that there are people who are finding themselves working from home more often these days and that they may need a day or two away from home from time to time. 

“These professionals don’t need a permanent office space. They just need our virtual options.”

She continued to share that “no one should be miserable in their current work dynamic.”

Author note: After getting to know Lisa over the course of several months, I feel comfortable putting my name behind her businesses and everything she offers. She truly strives to see others thrive in their careers and desires to help connect like-minded people who may be able to form a mutually beneficially professional relationship. She is a very good person to know and will cater her services to enhance one’s career and overall job satisfaction.

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