12-Week Local Nutrition Coaching for Men and Women 45+ via Restoring Bodies in Madison

Local resident and business owner Tammie Brown’s passion for aging gracefully is fueled by a lifetime of experiences and knowledge that have shown her that it’s not just the number on the scale that matters. She prefers to look beyond the scale and look at health from a well-rounded and educated point of view, and she is passionate about helping others do the same too!

“Food is medicine, and moving your body is medicine,” says Brown, who is a registered dietitian and the owner of Restoring Bodies Fitness and Nutrition Services on Wall Triana Highway. Not only does Restoring Bodies offer a slew of fitness classes throughout the week, such as yoga and functional fitness, but Brown herself also personally works with clients nutritionally. 

Though Restoring Bodies is geared toward men and women ages 45+, Brown says that her services (both nutritionally and fitness-wise) can be custom tailored for those of any age.

“As you age, what foods you can tolerate change. You may be dealing with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other chronic diseases that you didn’t have to tend to years ago.”

While some may think that there is nothing they can do to lose weight or feel better, Brown challenges anyone who wants to feel better or just simply educate themselves about nutrition to partner with her for 12 speedy weeks.

Getting started with Brown’s nutrition services is simple; All one has to do is give the Restoring Bodies studio a call and request a consultation with Brown. (256-858-1344)

During the consultation, Brown will discuss current nutritional preferences and habits as well as other lifestyle hindrances that may impact one’s ability to stick to a nutritional plan. Brown understands that one action plan does not fit all, so she ensures that your plan is something that works with your lifestyle and realistic interests and abilities.

After the consultation, Brown will craft a nutritional action plan that is customized for the individual to follow. The cost for the consultation + the electronic, customized action plan is a one-time fee of $150. Insurance options are available as well!

Once Brown sends a client his or her action plan, she will discuss the optional next step of hiring Brown as one’s nutritional coach for the next roughly 90 days. Brown says that working with a nutritional coach is where the magic happens and that anyone who has worked with the right nutritional coach will tell you that partnership, guidance, and accountability are incredibly valuable.

“Let’s say someone has celiac disease. My action plan would assess their goals, what foods trigger them, how they are currently meal prepping versus how they should be meal prepping, and more,” shared Brown. 

She says that she’ll also look at a client’s current medication list and work around that as well. 

When asked what it looks like to partner with Brown as one’s nutritional coach, she shared that the support would be as unique to each client as the action plan is.

“With some clients, we are going to meal plan together and maybe even grocery shop together so that I can show them things they weren’t even aware of that will make a big difference in their health.”

She continued to share that she will go as far as cooking with clients in person or over FaceTime with a recipe that is selected together to ensure that one knows how to cook in a way that has benefits for his or her health.

“I am going to journey with you if you make the decision to work with me. We’ll talk at least once a week if not more. We’ll sometimes meet in person and sometimes virtually,” says Brown, who continued to explain that each week of working with Brown will likely look different. She desires to meet you where you are and help you every step of the way while learning how to get one’s nutrition on track.

“I am very interactive,” shares Brown. “I love feedback and making this helpful for you. These are your goals, but I am here to guide you through them.”

She says that the number one overall goal is to help each of her clients “come out on top” by reaching the goals set through the 12-week action plan.

When asked what fuels Brown’s passion for coaching others nutritionally, she says that it’s always surprising to her how many people do not understand what a dietitian actually is.

“Health doesn’t have a shape or a size,” she explains. “I thought a dietitian just showed people what to eat, but there is so much more to it.”

Brown also says that she is proud to not only be a dietitian but a black dietitian. Out of 12,000 dietitians in Alabama, Brown says that only 3% are black.

“We don’t have good health equity. You can’t do better nutritionally if you don’t know how to do better, so I want to change lives and coach others. I am a people person and love people with all my heart.”

Brown says that she has always had a heart for others and serving. She even joined the Army in 1992 when her first child was five years old. 

“It was strictly to be able to put food on the table for my daughter. God called me to it.”

Brown enlisted as a private and served until she eventually became a warrant officer. 

Fast forward a few years to when Brown enrolled in college to eventually become a dietitian. Brown says that she started at a community college level and that it took her eight years to complete her schooling and become a licensed registered dietitian.

She has been asked by several local universities around the city to speak to various dietitian groups and most recently spoke at Sanford University in Birmingham as the keynote speaker for the graduating class of 2022.

Brown is a member of the Alabama Dietitians Association and the state policy representative. 

“If people are going to work with me nutritionally, they’re going to get someone that is going to invest in them. I am going to be truthful and am someone who is going to make an investment into your life.”

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