Nutmeg’s Cookies: Watercolor Paintings, Portrait Sketches, and More that You Have to See to Believe!

Have you picked up any new hobbies or interests since the pandemic began almost a year ago? 

Madison resident Megan Fresenburg sure has in the form of creating highly custom, decorated cookies that are nothing short of jaw-dropping works of art (my words, not hers!)

One quick scroll through her Instagram account – Nutmeg’s Cookies – will stun you, which is why Fresenburg’s newfound hobby has rapidly turned into a business nearly overnight. 

Nutmeg’s Cookies in Madison, Alabama

Decorated cookies have seen a massive rise in popularity in the last year due to their COVID-friendly nature: they’re individually sealed, highly attractive, and highly customizable favor or gift options for all kinds of events and occasions.

Fresenburg, a mother of two and active-duty veteran’s wife, says that she’s been busy baking cookies for baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, and a slew of other special occasions. 

“I love bringing joy to people around me,” the baker says. 

She shares that her cookies bring an extra touch of fun to whatever event someone is planning, and that “making cookies that are specific and unique to that event or that recipient is really special.”

Though Fresenburg didn’t go into overdrive with custom cookies until 2020, she says that she’s enjoyed being in the kitchen baking her entire life. She has fond memories in the kitchen with her mom, and jokes that she was “always the one found in the kitchen with her.”

(Fun fact: Her husband’s grandmother owned a successful bakery in St. Louis for many years and was so happy to hear that cookies are staying in the family.  She passed down many of her bakery’s recipes that Fresenburg now uses. Below is a hand-painted picture of the former bakery.)

Fresenburg says that Nutmeg’s Cookies are unique because she doesn’t have a specific niche and can offer interested customers all kinds of “edible art”.

“I can do watercolor paintings, portrait sketches, something really cutesie or cartoon-like” and much more. 

She says that taking classes and advancing her skills has become a passion and that she’s excited to tell interested customers that she can make just about anything for them. 

“I can take your design and create it on a cookie or I can make my own.”

One of the baker’s favorite moments throughout the last year was when a complete stranger found her cookies online and placed an order. Fresenburg shared that the customer was so satisfied with the taste and design that she’s now ordered three or four additional times. 

Fresenburg recently create baby shower cookies that were inspired by the invitation itself. 

“As long as I have at least two weeks’ notice, I can bring your ideas to life!”

Cookies are generally sold by the dozen, though pricing will depend on how intricate the cookies themselves are. Fresenburg emphasizes that she likes to make the experience with customers very personal to their needs and visions. 

As for the cookie ingredients themselves, Fresenburg jokes that she “doesn’t buy the cheap stuff!”

She explains that she always purchases and bakes with high-quality ingredients and makes everything from scratch. Her classic decorated cookies come to life on a sugar cookie, though other flavors are available.

“I’m going to add drop-cookie options to orders soon too, such as chocolate chip and more.”

Fresenburg is hard at work on building her website but has enjoyed engaging on Instagram and Facebook and encourages interested customers to get in touch with her that way to share what event they’re interested in having custom cookies created for. A basic dozen of a more simple design run approximately $35, though Fresenburg shares that pricing may vary based on quantity, design, timetable, etc. 

All cookies are individually sealed and delivered in a bakery box with a bow. If the cookies will be passed out as favors, each cookie may feature an individual bow. 

Cookies can be picked up in Madison or delivered for a small fee. 

Future Cookie Decorating Classes in Madison, Alabama

Fresenberg has a background in Early Childhood Education and has a passion for crafting and teaching, which lends itself to soon offering cookie decorating classes. She encourages interested customers to follow along on social media for future announcements related to classes.

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