NOW Soccer Academy Set to Open 25,000 Sq Ft Facility in Madison

NOW Soccer Academy‘s Madison location opened in 2020 and has experienced explosive growth in the last year. At the end of 2021, they’ll open their third and largest location, and it’ll also be located right here in Madison near Westchester Road (roughly a mile north of Madison Boulevard).

Owner and soccer extraordinaire Norbert Webley shared that “what we’ve done in the last year is not just provide an opportunity for people to train, but we’ve also built a place for people to come and have a good time with their friends and family.”

Webley says that his soccer programs are different from traditional recreational soccer programs in that his levels replicate the martial arts system, with a beginner’s level, advanced, elite, and more.

“It’s a true academy program here,” shared Webley. 

In addition to the soccer level training options NOW Soccer provides, they also offer a “cadet” program for children ages 4-7. 

“This program is all about introducing these kids to the sport of soccer and teaching them the love of the game,” says Webley.

In early 2021, NOW Soccer introduced a wildly successful new program called the “kickstart” program for toddlers that are 2 and 3. With a big smile, Webley says that introducing the Kickstart program has been one of the most exciting parts of the year. 

“Kickstart is all about letting the little ones be like their older siblings and get in on the game too. It’s also great for developing their motor skills.”

Brand New Facility Coming Soon!

But the most exciting thing to happen in 2021 has been watching their highly-anticipated 25,000 square foot building come to life right in front of their eyes. This brand new facility will be the size of a standard hockey field (200′ x 85′) and feature a time keeper’s box, two players’ boxes, penalty boxes, a turf with nets on the side, and so much more. It will be a regulation-sized soccer field that will be able to accommodate a length list of practices and games for multiple sports. 

“It’s literally going to replicate a hockey rink,” laughed Webley.

And this new facility is going to cater to so much more than soccer.

“We spared no expense to make sure that everyone who wants to play lacrosse, flag football, ultimate frisbee, and other sports all have the opportunity to do that in a facility of this caliber.”

Webley says that there is absolutely nothing like this facility in the north Alabama area and hopes that the community will become just as excited about all of it as he and his team are. 

One of the new offerings Webley is most excited about is offering a fantastic option for Lacrosse players to come and play as often as they want to.

“The lacrosse community is completely stoked about this,” he says. “For them to be able to take their training indoors when they’re used to being outdoors is just amazing.”

Webley says that he’s discovered that there’s a huge demand for more lacrosse options in north Alabama and is looking forward to facilitating some really great indoor options for players of this sport.

Ultimate frisbee players have also begun to use the current NOW Soccer Academy location, but they’re excited about moving into the bigger space soon.

Webley shared that the sport of Ultimate Frisbee is new to him but loves what he knows about it and is excited to offer youth and adult Ultimate Frisbee options once the new facility is open. 

Though the expansive third location won’t open until the end of 2021, this fall is still going to be rockin’ and rollin’ with opportunities at the current location.

Fall 2021 Opportunities at NOW Soccer Academy

Players of any age are invited to browse the website and register for personalized soccer skill training. The options are plentiful and perfect for players of all ages and abilities levels due to the aforementioned level system.

NOW Soccer also offers strength and conditioning programs as a way to diversify the options that players have to become true athletes and be the best they can be.

“A lot of youth athletic programs don’t offer strength and conditioning programs, but we believe that they’re essential to training youth to be competitive.”

Webley says that his strength and conditioning options are especially ideal for players as young as middle school.

“Whether you’re playing on a team or just trying to build your skills to eventually play on a team, we have a level and program for everyone. We want you to walk away from your time at NOW Soccer Academy a completely different player.”

Webley shared that he especially loves helping players that have big goals in mind about making a certain team.

“I like to ask them what they think they could do during the summer or in the time leading up to tryouts to better prepare them to make the team. Then, we get to work.”

Strength and conditioning options are also widely available for groups to utilize.

NOW Soccer Academy’s New Homeschool Daytime P.E. Program

Beginning this fall, NOW Soccer will begin implementing a brand new homeschool program that is designed to meet the needs of homeschool groups looking to incorporate a mass variety of physical fitness options in a fun, fresh new way. This homeschool program will include:

  • dodgeball
  • obstacles courses
  • badminton
  • volleyball
  • martial arts
  • strength and conditioning
  • nutrition
  • and so much more!

“We know that there is a massive need for something like this in our area, so we’re continually in communication with various programs in the area to see how we can best meet their needs with our facility.”

As a bonus, parents of homeschool students are invited to work out in the facility’s fitness center complimentary while the children are participating in the program!

If you’re a part of a homeschool program and are interested in learning more about bringing your group to NOW Soccer Academy, please click here to send Webley an email

Facility Rental & Birthday Party Options

NOW Soccer Academy is thrilled to begin offering facility rental in their indoor location to sports and programs of all kinds.

Webley shared that as long as the facility uses don’t damage the turf that he’s more than happy to welcome them to NOW Soccer. 

At the top of his list for “out of the boxes” uses of the facility include drone flying. 

Birthday party options are also plentiful, so spread the word (because so many parents are always looking for an affordable place to host a party!)

When Webley envisions birthday parties, he sees nerf guns, bubble balls, obstacles courses, cake all of the lobby floor, and an atmosphere with a ton of laughs.

If you are interested in reserving space at NOW Soccer Academy to host a birthday party, click here to discuss


“The biggest thing we want right now is for people to just know that we’re here,” shared Webley. “And we want them to know that what we do is different from a team training environment.”

Webley deeply wants people to understand what his program brings to the table.

“Yes, we are developing incredible soccer players, but we also have so much fun and a great energy here.”

He continued to share that he strives to provide an atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcomed. 

“I really love what I do. I love development. I love these kids. I really just love people. Getting to do this every day is my passion. Just the opportunity to interact with people and teach them something new is so much fun.”

Do you like what you’ve read and want to chat with owner Norbert Webley to see if training at NOW Soccer Academy is the best fit for your child? Click here to send a quick email and discuss some options! He’ll be so glad to hear from you!

Do you play lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, etc., and are looking for a facility to play for more? Click here to discuss your range of fantastic options with Webley.


147 Westchester Road, Madison, AL 35758

(256) 631 – 8272

Click here to explore the NOW Soccer website, Facebook, and Instagram!


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