A List of Brand New Neighborhoods in Madison

Growing at lightning-fast speed is what Madison has done best for the last three decades, and there’s no slowing down in our future. With one announcement after another of new job opportunities in this area naturally comes the demand for more homes. Throw a stone in any direction and you’ll hit a plot of land cleared and ready to throw up a new set of stunners.

Check out this list below of new developments that have either started building homes very recently or that will begin laying foundation soon. If you’re ready to build and want to be one of the first in the neighborhood, here are a slew of options to check out. 

Brand New Neighborhoods in Madison

Davidson Homes 

  • Bartlett Mill 
    • Madison City Schools
    • $350s-$410s
    • 2,572 – 3,596

Stone Martin 

Woodland Homes 

Breland Homes

Wren Homes

Signs are up for these communities below and land has been cleared, but no information is available online yet. Stay tuned. Here’s the builder’s website. 

    • Three Park Preserve (Hardiman Road)
      • Madison City Schools
    • Additional neighborhood off Powell Road
      • Madison City Schools

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