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Working with Meister on a Brand New ALLTHINGSMADISON.COM

Finding the right website developer was no easy task, but once I was connected with Roni and his team from Meister, a brand new ALLTHINGSMADISON.COM began to fall into place! This article details our experience on our complete website overhaul that was completed by Meister as well as other services their agency offers.

For an online business like All Things Madison, a really solid website is equivalent to a local business’s storefront. Both require eye-catching entrances/landing pages, predictability, unique aesthetics, recognizable branding, and a seamless flow to explore all that it has to offer.

It took nearly two years of operating All Things Madison to better determine how I wanted allthingsmadison.com to serve and function, but finding the right website developer felt like a needle in a haystack. I was looking for developers who could create a vision for the site that was bigger than I could dream up for myself.

I was also looking for developers who:

1.) would want to listen to and understand All Things Madison as a whole

2.) had a thick portfolio of previous work

3.) were overall skilled in HTML and custom design from the ground up

4.) were somewhat affordable considering the custom nature of the project I desired

Late last fall, one of my connections through my Women In Tech group at UAH connected me with Roni Noueihed, a partner with Meister, which is a digital marketing, design, and branding agency here in North Alabama.

After a handful of zoom meetings and an in-person meeting, I signed a contract, paid my invoice, and a brand new allthingsmadison.com was underway!

After a couple of design meetings that I consider a “brain dump”, the Meister team got to work. Within three weeks I had a 90% complete new website draft to look over, and seeing it for the first time felt like a big reveal on an HGTV show! I could never have fathomed the type of design they’d come up with!

We then set a date to make the big transition from the old website to the new website, which was back in mid-April. Throughout the last four months the Meister team and I have worked on tweaking every detail.

I hope you find our new website easy to navigate and resourceful above all else!

Here are a few of our favorite elements of the new site.

No matter what page you’re on, you’ll always find the search icon in the far upper right hand corner, making it easy to type in exactly what you’re looking for.

We receive a lot of requests about how advertising with All Things Madison works, so we now have a handy clickable icon that will get you set up with a form to send an inquiry!

Prior to our website overhaul, readers had to search for our email address to get in touch. Our new contact form makes it much easier now! Again, ease is the name of the game here!

Want to get back to the homepage? Easy! Just click our logo in the top center of the website. It’s always there and always clickable to take you home.

The categories menu is interactive, bold, and tells the story immediately of what readers can and will discover on allthingsmadison.com. Each word is clickable and will take users straight to articles marked with these category listings.

In conclusion, we wanted a website that was easy to navigate and highly attractive without being overwhelming and too busy. We wanted a website that visitors would choose to visit because they know they can use the search bar to find what they’re looking for, and we think Meister accomplished that!

About Meister

Meister specializes in design, branding, website development, apps, and entire brands and their digital footprints. Additionally, Meister also offers SEO campaigns, content creation, social media help, data visualization and analytics, software development, website maintenance, and more. A comprehensive list of what Meister offers as well as a portfolio samples can be found on JoinMeister.com.

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