MAID For You: A New Housekeeping Service in Northwest Madison

Good news! One local resident has decided to turn her natural interest and talent in keeping a tidy home into a full-blown cleaning service that she’s now offering the community!

Tammy O. has lived in the Madison area for over 25 years and raised her family here. Though housekeeping wasn’t always her primary job, Tammy shared that cleaning for others has always been her love language. When others needed a hand, she shared that she’s always enjoyed stepping in and giving others’ homes a good scrub.

Now, Tammy is ready to devote a bit more time to housekeeping and is ready to take on a slew of new clients!

She is currently serving the north and northwest sides of Madison, which includes homes near-ish to HWY 72, Clift Farm, The Village at Oakland Springs, County Line Road, and more. Please email her to discuss if your home or office is within the range that she is able to currently serve.

Tammy describes her service as a “basic clean”, meaning that she’ll come in to mop floors, sanitize bathrooms, make beds, vacuum, wipe kitchen countertops, clean the outside of all appliances, and do a quick, basic tidy-up. 

She shared that her ideal client is someone who simply doesn’t have the time for these everyday chores but who still desires to live in a clean home.

Overman, a self-proclaimed “clean and germ freak” is ready to start immediately and is available for one-time cleans as well as weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleans. 

Ready to get started with Tammy and takes these basic cleaning chores off of your plate? Here’s what you should do.

  1. Send her a quick email at maidforyoumadison@gmail.com and share your name, address, and what you’re looking for in a housekeeper.
  2. Be on the lookout for a reply email for a suggested consultation date and time when Tammy will come out to view the home.
  3. Select a cleaning schedule.
  4. Sit back and allow Tammy to do the work!

MAID For You: Weekly Basic Cleaning Service


Payment due upon completion of housekeeping service


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