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Madison Outdoor Loft in Madison, Alabama: A Boutique for Men and Women

Some of the best local businesses are the kind that are born from simply meeting a need, and Madison Outdoor Loft owner Taylor Langley says that this is exactly why she is bringing this brand new apparel store right here to Madison!

Madison Outdoor Loft: A Boutique in Madison, Alabama for Men and Women

Madison Outdoor Loft officially opens on Saturday, October 2nd will be located at 1079 Balch Road, Suite E right next to Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Langley says that this apparel store has items for all kinds of demographics and that men and women will both be able to find garments they’ll love.

Mens’ brands into Southern Shirt, Fish Hippie, ‘Merica Clothing Co, Mountain Khakis, and much more. Womens’ brands include Pole, Z Supply, and more. 

Madison Outdoor Loft: A Boutique in Madison, Alabama for Men and Women

“We’ve filled the store with items that a college girl could walk in and find what she wants as well as a professional man or woman who is looking for garments to wear to work,” shared Langley.

Langley says that they’ll carry a handful of items that are similar to those that can be found in stores like Mountain High Outfitters or Shades but hopes that Madison residents will be thrilled to know that they don’t have to leave our growing community to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Madison Outdoor Loft: A Boutique in Madison, Alabama for Men and Women

“Whenever I’m looking for a gift or clothes for my husband, I’m always having to run to Huntsville. I realized that there is truly a need in Madison for something like this, which is exactly why we’re going for it!”

Langley says that her inspiration for Madison Outdoor Loft stems from a visit to a friend’s parent’s store in Albertville called The Outdoor Loft.

“As soon as I visited, I thought about how great something like this would be in our area.”

Langley, who has an undergraduate degree from UAH in Biology and Chemistry and a Masters in Information Systems, says that she’s always dreamed of opening a business but didn’t know if it would ever be possible.

“Once the idea hit me to open a store like this, my husband and I just ran with it.”

Langley says that she can’t wait to see customers walk through the shop’s doors and find items for a tailgate or for an interview.

“You’ll find something here. I promise! We’ll eventually have shoes, outerwear, candles, gift items, and children’s items.”

Langley says that she can’t wait to see how the store grows in clothing lines that they carry.

“I feel really good about this,” she shared. “I love making other people feel good about themselves and hope that offering them a new shopping option makes them feel great about what they leave the store with.”

Madison Outdoor Loft’s opening day is Saturday, October 2nd and will feature giveaways, sweet treats, mimosas, and other surprises.

The store will be open Tuesdays through Sundays and be closed on Mondays.

Follow along with Madison Outdoor Loft on Facebook and Instagram for more announcements!


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