5 Quick Facts You Should Know about the Madison Chamber of Commerce

Many are familiar with the concept of a local chamber of commerce, but some business and non-business owners alike may not understand exactly what our Madison Chamber of Commerce is and how they desire to work for you.

Our Chamber plays a pivotal role in our community, enhancing business owners’ experiences and supporting our community members in every way possible.

Here are five quick facts to help catch you up to speed regarding what our Madison Chamber of Commerce is and how they continually serve our explosive town.

1. The Madison Chamber of Commerce is an institution of leadership in our community.

They work tirelessly advocating for Madison’s business community, promoting economic and civic growth for our region.

2. Anyone is eligible for membership.

If a community member has started a business (i.e. an online jewelry store and holds a business license), he or she is eligible for Chamber membership.

Business owners are encouraged to contact the Chamber of Commerce a few months before the scheduled opening to work on the membership application. Once the membership is approved, the Chamber will begin setting up the Grand Opening Ceremony.

September 2019 | ribbon cutting for the RFCU branch at Bob Jones High School

3. Meeting are held weekly with members.

Meetings happen in a variety of ways, including in-person visits by Chamber members to one’s business, phone calls, meetings in the Chamber’s office, and more. The Chamber believes in constant communication with members.

February 2020 | “Meet More Members” event

4. They put on community events throughout the year, five of them annually.

  • Connect Event, Mayor’s State of the City Address is a recap of the accomplishments that Madison achieved the previous year as well as an outline of the upcoming year’s plans.
  • Taste the Spirit of Madison is a food tasting event where area restaurants and local breweries and distillery offer samples of their delicious fare to the community.
  • Business Expo & Kids Day is a family fun day where business members purchase a booth to showcase their products and services. There are also many fun activities for kids to participate in.
  • Tee Up Fore Business is an annual golf tournament that provides an excellent opportunity for participants to network in an open, entertaining setting.
  • Best in Business is a celebration of the best businesses in our community via an awards ceremony.

January 2020 | Connect Event | image courtesy of AVO Communicatons, Inc.

5. They are proud cheerleaders for our community members.

The Madison Chamber of Commerce is here to support and promote business members and the general community in any way possible. They firmly believe that we are a strong community that is only growing stronger as our businesses and community work together to improve our economy. They desire to see businesses succeed and believe that other local business owners feel the same as well (which is something that makes Madison special).

April 2020 | a community BINGO activity that encouraged residents to get out and support our businesses in a time of need

As cheerleaders for our community, they whole-heartedly believe that we are #MadisonALstrong.

Three Ways to Support the Madison Chamber of Commerce

  1. Become a member.
  2. Attend annual events.
  3. Watch their social media channels (especially Facebook) for outreach projects and campaigns.

If you are interested in learning more about the Madison Chamber of Commerce or would like information on becoming a member, you can visit their website at madisonalchamber.com.

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