Madison, Alabama Real Estate: State of the Market Report February 2023 with Essential Real Estate

Madison, Alabama Real Estate: In this State of the Real Estate Market for May 2023, Beau Miles shares more objective numbers as well as why or why not interest rates should dictate if you buy or sell.

State of the Real Estate Market Address in Madison, Alabama in February 2023: Feat. Co-Host Beau Miles, owner and broker of Essential Real Estate

In the last 30 days, 245 homes either went contingent, pending, or closed right here in Madison, Alabama. Many assume that homes aren’t selling because of higher interest rates, though objective numbers tell us that Madison residents are still buying and selling via a relatively “normal” market.

In this State of the Real Estate Market, Beau Miles shares more objective facts as well as why interested buyers shouldn’t delay if their dream home pops up on the market. 

From September 2020-July 2021, my family personally worked with Miles to assist us in the sale of our previous Madison home and the custom build of our current one. He walked with us through one of the most important seasons of our lives, and we’ll forever be grateful to have had his extreme expertise and skill on our side. Miles didn’t miss anything; He was on top of his game and helped make the process with both of our homes as smooth as they could be.

If you are considering buying or selling in Madison, Alabama, this is a monthly series not to be missed! Enjoy!

00:20 – How many houses have gone contingent or pending in the last 30 days? How many houses are on the market right now? 

00:50 – What is the average sold price of a home today in Madison versus February 2019?

1:12 – Is the market still strong?

1:21 – Why are people currently uninterested in buying a home?

2:41 – Is this a bad time to sell your home?

3:15 – Are people still actively looking for homes to purchase?

3:50 – Are we seeing a decline in housing prices here in Madison compared to the rest of the country?

4:20 – Putting Beau on the spot…

4:45 – Why is Essential Real Estate different

5:35 – Why Beau cares about contracts being written well

6:32 – Overall advice to potential buyers and sellers in Madison, Alabama

7:20 – Why is this market fabulous for buyers

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