Landscape Design in Madison, Alabama at Indian Creek Wholesale Nursery

Landscape Design in Madison, Alabama at Indian Creek Wholesale Nursery

Earlier this month, Indian Creek Wholesale Nursery on Slaughter Road hosted a huge birthday party celebrating 20 years of business here in Madison. You read on All Things Madison about how the entire community was invited to intended to the bash, and ICWN manager Ashleigh McMullen said that “it was a really wonderful way to share the last two decades with the community.” 

Landscape Design in Madison, Alabama at Indian Creek Wholesale Nursery

She continued to share that she and her family “really appreciate everyone who rallied around the event” and loved connecting with new customers who had never been to the six-acre property before. They wish to extend a huge thanks to everyone who came to support and enjoy the event on April 3rd.

One of the most sought-after giveaways during the event was a prize pack for landscape design, and McMullen wishes to remind community members that these kinds of services are plentiful at Indian Creek. 

“We have hired an additional landscape designer who has over 12 years of experience in this field and who is excited to work with new clients.”

Landscape Design in Madison, Alabama at Indian Creek Wholesale Nursery

McMullen says that ICWN offers design services of all kinds and to fit all budgets, including hardscape designs (i.e. patios, pergolas, decks, outdoor kitchens, etc.) and softscape designs (plants).

How to get started with landscape design at Indian Creek

Setting up this process is easy. Customers interested in design plans can simply call ICWN or visit in person and request a one-hour consultation for a flat fee ($75).

“Our consultant will come out to your home with graphing paper, make all kinds of sample designs, learn about your wish list and goals, jot down your likes and dislikes, and more. She’s very thorough.”

McMullen says that this is a fantastic option for those who simply just need the ideas without committing themselves to a big overhaul ahead of time.

“So many of our customers come to us and say that they just need to know what to plant where so that it doesn’t die, and that’s what we are here for.”

When the designer leaves, ICWN will then draw up a huge plan for the client to keep. The plan will also include an estimate in case one would like to move forward with any or all of what’s on the plan, which will be e-mailed.

Landscape Design at Indian Creek Wholesale Nursery in Madison, Alabama

Author note: Last spring, my husband and I decided to rip up all of the basic plants that our builder had but in a couple of years prior and plant a load of new perennials (i.e. bushes and flowers that would come back year after year). We came up with a design ourselves, but it took weeks of research and planning and was much more difficult than expected. In hindsight, hiring ICWN to do a softscape landscape design plan would have absolutely been a better option for us if we’d known about it. We were willing to plant everything ourselves but needed a place to start, and that is what ICWN offers. Such a fantastic price for the service!

In addition to landscape design and several acres of perennial plants, Indian Creek’s massive selection of annuals has arrived on-site!

Landscape Design at Indian Creek Wholesale Nursery in Madison, Alabama

McMullen says that they now have dozens of combination baskets for spring and summer (which she says are incredibly popular each year!), as well as many, many plants that a customer can mix and match for his or her flower beds or pots. 

McMullen also noted that all of their annual plants come from Alabama growers.

“You are going to get very personal assistance here if you’d like it,” says McMullen. “If you’d like some help with selecting your plants or just need a little education on what things are and what we offer, head to our office first when you arrive.”

McMullen continued to share that customers looking for assistance shouldn’t feel intimidated to ask for help and that that is what their team members are there for. 

She says that team members will ask what your project looks like (i.e. just planting a few pots or overhauling a whole flower bed). She also encourages guests to bring pictures on their phones of what the project area currently looks like. 

“If we can adequately help you that day, we will. If we discover that the project is actually a bit more extensive, we’ll simply set you up with our design office to get you on the right track.”

Landscape Design in Madison, Alabama at Indian Creek Wholesale Nursery

Indian Creek Wholesale Nursery is located at 1124 Slaughter Road in Madison. They are open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Saturday, and closed on Sunday.

Please visit their website here and follow along with them on Facebook and Instagram.

This article is written in partnership with Indian Creek Wholesale Nursery. Thank you for supporting the local businesses that help keep All Things Madison a completely free resource for the community.

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