All Things Madison | Mobile Chiropractor in Madison, Alabama: Meet Joyful Chiropractic
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Mobile Chiropractor in Madison, Alabama: Meet Joyful Chiropractic

Mobile Chiropractor in Madison, Alabama

Are you looking for a mobile chiropractor in Madison, Alabama or surroundings areas? Dr. Green may be just the person you are looking for!

Dr. Aeriel Green is ready to bring her chiropractic services right to the comfort of your home via her new mobile practice, Joyful Chiropractic.

Dr. Green, an Alabama native, shared that her plan was to open a practice here in Madison after she graduated last spring. When building permits and related issues became tough and lengthy processes, Dr. Green says that “God began opening every door” for a mobile practice.

Mobile Chiropractor in Madison, Alabama

All Things Madison | Mobile Chiropractor in Madison, Alabama: Meet Joyful Chiropractic

“I’m not the type to just sit around and wait, so I got going with seeing patients in their homes as fast as I could.”

Now, Dr. Green says that patients are loving the comfort of in-home visits.

“When I hear that a patient, especially a child, is looking forward to my visit, I just get so excited,” she says.

All Things Madison | Mobile Chiropractor in Madison, Alabama: Meet Joyful Chiropractic

Joyful Chiropractic is a “whole family” practice, though Dr. Green’s main focus (and passion) is pediatrics and pregnancy.

“I always joke that I will take care of patients from ‘womb to tomb'”!

Dr. Green says that she has extra education in pregnancy and pediatrics and is Webster certified.

She says that she loves adjusting children and helping find solutions to a range of issues that can potentially be solved with proper chiropractic adjustments and care.

“I let the kids decide where they want to be adjusted,” shared Dr. Green. “If they want to be adjusted in Mom’s lap, that’s totally fine.”

She continued to share that she once adjusted a young child while she was giving the patient a hug. The onlooking parent and patient had no idea, making it a calm experience for everyone. 

“Dr. A”, as many patients call her, says that she’s not “your typical chiropractor that’s all huffy and puffy” and always strives to be approachable and never intimidating.

She says that she loves all things Disney-related and wears Disney apparel all the time when visiting with children.

“When you’re one of my patients, you become a part of my family.”

Dr. Green says that chiropractic care can help uncover and/or solve a multitude of issues including (but not limited to):

  • Allergy or sinus issues
  • Asthma
  • Bedwetting
  • Breastfeeding issues
  • Colic
  • Digestive issues
  • Ear infections
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Sleeping issues
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Back or neck pain
  • Headaches

“A lot of people think that chiropractors are only good for headaches or back pain, but that is so far from what I do. While some do focus on those things because there is a need for it, chiropractors are also known as function neurologists.”

All Things Madison | Mobile Chiropractor in Madison, Alabama: Meet Joyful Chiropractic

Dr. Green says that she focuses on the nervous system, which is housed through the spine.

“All of your nerves come out of your spine and control your movements. When something is out of alignment in the spine, you may not even know it.”

For example, if one’s digestive system isn’t working properly, this could then lead to other organs not functioning properly as well.

“There are so many things that can be affected by nervous system issues.”

Regarding pediatrics, Dr. Green says that a simple adjustment is often the cure for a slew of issues and encourages parents to give a visit from a chiropractor a chance.

“Your nervous system is like a water hose. Sometimes you need to fix the kink in the hose in order for everything to move better. If your digestive system isn’t getting full power because of a kink, all kinds of things can be affected.”

And Dr. Green says that this is exactly what she does: She comes in and looks for anything that may be out of alignment. She has what she calls a toolbelt of techniques because not everyone needs to be adjusted the same ways, “especially kiddos.”

“A lot of people think that adjustments aren’t safe for kids because they think that I twist them all up,” she laughs. “That is not at all what I do.”

Mobile Chiropractor in Madison, Alabama

How to schedule Dr. Green with Joyful Chiropractic

The fastest way to reach Dr. Green is via call or text at (205) 269-9231. She is also reachable via email.

Dr. Green is currently a cash-only practice and does not accept insurance, though her goal is to always make her visits affordable for families.

“I don’t want families to worry about how they’re going to pay for this. I have options and will work with you to take that worry away.”

Getting Started with Joyful Chiropractic, a Mobile Chiropractor in Madison, Alabama

Dr. Green says that once a patient fills out an online intake form, he or she will be contacted to schedule an exam.

“I have a chiropractic table that I take with me and set up wherever he or she is most comfortable. We’ll do a spinal analysis to check and make sure that their nervous system is working properly.”

Dr. Green says that she enjoys doing exams for the whole family at one time and likes to make it a fun experience.

“My appointments are always short and sweet and to the point,” Dr. Green shares. “I promise not to waste your time.”

Joyful Chiropractic is on Facebook! Follow Dr. Green here


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All Things Madison | Mobile Chiropractor in Madison, Alabama: Meet Joyful Chiropractic