10 Things You Didn’t Know about Interiors by Consign, a Hidden Gem in Madison

Interiors by Consign opened in Madison three years ago and has had its fair share of hurdles to overcome. Not only have they stood tall and navigated day by day through the pandemic, but they’ve also been patient through the complete overhaul and remodel of Hughes Plaza, the shopping center that their store is a part of.

Now that the shopping center is nearing completion and more and more community members are itching to get out and about in town, co-owners Jennifer Mullin and Pam Birkholz are ready to shout from the rooftops that they are open, fully stocked, and likely have just the piece(s) that you are looking for (and for a fraction of the price!)

Here are 10 fun facts about Interiors by Consign right here in Madison, Alabama.

  1. They carry furniture (indoor and outdoor), art, lighting, mirrors, wreaths, and more.

Mullin says that customers could furnish entire homes with items from their store because they have such an expansive variety. 

“We see many people who come in here looking to furnish their vacation home or their college student’s apartment,” shared Mullin. “They’re looking for one place to come in and get it all.”

The store itself is large and carries all kinds of sofas, bar stools, coffee tables, kitchen sets, sideboards, patio items, chandeliers, mirrors of all sizes, original artwork, table lamps, and so much more.

2. “New or as new as possible” is their standard.

“We are far from a thrift store,” shared Mullin. “We are very picky. We won’t accept anything that has rips, stains, pet damage, or anything that has to be repaired in any way.”

She says that their items are generally upscale brands including Restoration Hardware, Hooker Furniture, and more. Guests can expect to find pieces that are in pristine condition for a fraction of the price they would pay at other stores.

3. This is actually their second location.

Birkholz and Mullin also own the Huntsville store, located off of Whitesburg Drive. The Huntsville store has been open for 22 years and is doing well.

When asked what inspired them to open a Madison location three years ago, Birkholz shared that “a lot of our customers said that our Huntsville store was too far. It was really just a natural development to move things out to Madison and serve the Madison, Athens, and Decatur areas better.”

4. There’s nothing else like Interiors by Consign in North Alabama.

Mullin says that interior consignment shops with high-end items are generally only found in big cities.

“People drive from all over to shop with us and always tell us how glad they are that we are here,” she says. “But so many people still don’t know that we’re here and exactly what we do, so we’re working on educating them and getting the word out.”

5. It is owned by two local women who have been close friends for more than 30 years.

Mullin and Birkholz have a range of professional experiences in event planning, interior design, furniture, and more, so owning and operating these stores together has been a dream for this dynamic duo.

“After working at the Huntsville location part-time a few years ago, we decided to buy it together when the opportunity came up. Our kids were getting older and we were looking for something new to do.”

“It’s been a tremendous amount of fun,” shared Birkholz.

6. The website is updated with new items every day.

Mullin says that she updates the Interiors by Consign website each day with new inventory that’s out of the floor at both the Huntsville and Madison location. Click here to look around what’s at the Madison store!

7. Mullin and Birkholz are passionate about furniture education.

“We really enjoy educating potential buyers on what they’re looking at,” shared Mullin. “If you’re using a piece daily, you want it to hold up.”

Birkholz says that she loves that buyers can come to Interiors by Consign and leave with a really nice piece of furniture that will last.

“We like to chat with our customers and help them weigh how often they’ll use a piece, how functional it will be, and how long they plan to have it. This helps them figure out what their budget should be and what kind of piece to look for.”

8. Consigners receive half of what the item sells for.

Think you have items that fit the bill for being sold at Interiors by Consign? If it sells (most pieces do!), you’ll receive 50% of the selling price. 

“The bigger, the better”, says Mullin about items that sell the best.

Recently moved into a new home with beautiful new light fixtures that just don’t match your taste? Let Interiors by Consign sell them for you and put some money back in your pocket to buy new ones. (Hanging fixtures only, please.)

Click here to get started and fill out the consignment query form. 

9. They have a gift shop (and gift wrap too!)

Walk in, turn right, and you’ll see a big area full of the best gift items. Capri Blue candles, Madison tea towels, umbrellas, local Madison and Alabama-related art and ceramics, the list goes on and on! This is a fantastic place to swing in, grab an extremely reasonably-priced gift, and leave with it gift wrapped too!

10. In-home services are available.

Ready to downsize but don’t know where to start with your furniture? Or do you simply just need someone to come in and help you shuffle things around and decorate your home with pieces you already have? Jennifer Mullin is available and willing to help with any of those things! Give her a call at the store or swing in during business hours to chat about your needs and ideas.

When asked what brings Birkholz and Mullin joy in running their business, Birkholz says that the interaction with other people that come in is her favorite part. She says that she “loves helping people during their transitions in life. This is one of my happy places. Getting up in the morning and coming here is something I just love to do.”

Mullin agreed and added that she loves how Interiors by Consign is so much more than just a store. She says that she “loves the opportunity to do creative things and see how the items out in the store are changing all the time.” She also added that weaving Interiors by Consign into the Madison community as much as they can is a joy and passion for her as well. 


Hours of operation: Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

181 Hughes Road, Madison


Website | Facebook | Instagram


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