Indian Creek Landscaping Design Part Three: Before & After
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Last Friday, just three shorts weeks after our initial meeting with Indian Creek Whole Nursery’s design program, we received our delivery of plants to complete our side yard landscape project. They arrived on time, helped unload the plants conveniently in our driveway, and then my husband and I got to work with putting our new plant babies in the ground!

Psst: Have you read parts one and two of this series? If not, you’ll want to start here with part one and get caught up! You’ll read all about why our sideyard was initially nothing but mulch, why we hired designers, and why we only have one sideyard to begin with. 

As a reminder, here is how our yard looked when we started this project. 

Here is one of the renderings that we received of what our yard could look like with full-grown plants.

And here is how a part of our side yard looks today!

There are so many things that have impressed me about Indian Creek Nursery’s landscape design program, but at the top of the list is their speedy process. They get right to work and don’t waste time. They prioritize each client and make sure that each step is moving along swiftly in a reasonable manner.

Here is a review of our timeline.

August 5th: Initial discussion with Indian Creek Nursery to discuss their landscape design program and map out a tentative schedule for our project

August 11th: Indian Creek Nursery Landscape Designer Chris McMullen visits our home to discuss the project, talk budget, take measurements, and make a further plan

August 19th: We have an hour-long Zoom with McMullen to review our design plan and gawk over how beautiful it all was!

August 24th: We visit Indian Creek Nursery to do our plant walk and review exactly what we’d be getting delivered.

August 27th: We receive our delivery of plants.

August 28th: We planted and transformed our side yard!

In just three and a half weeks from beginning to end, we took our bland side yard from this…

… to this!

And this…

… to this!

Once our plants arrived, we pulled up the landscape plan and plant key and began placing each plant in place to make sure that we had everything we needed and that everything was spaced out well. Every single plant was labeled, so there was zero guessing game about what went where. 

Putting all of our plants in place took less than 15 minutes, and we had 50 plants!

One bonus suggestion our designer made was to make a little patio area for our garbage can and recycling bin. When he came to our home, he noticed that we really didn’t have a good spot for our cans and had them stuck randomly on some grass beside our AC units. 

We absolutely loved his unexpected suggestion and got to work making it happen as a part of this entire yard’s overhaul. 

Here is another shot of how bland the yard looked prior to the overhaul.

Here’s a picture in progress before we rounded out the walkway, planted the plants, and added the border. 

Here is a rendering of the yard full grown.

And here are some aftershots.

Note the hydrangeas look a bit past their prime; It’s because it’s the end of their season, but we were assured that they will spring right back to life next year bigger and brighter and better than ever!

As far as the plant material and quality, we are absolutely thrilled. Everything is just stunning!

As promised, the variety of colors, sizes, and styles are vast. The contrast is incredible and truly so much better than what would have been here if we planted with a builder.

In conclusion, working with Indian Creek’s design program was an absolutely wonderful experience. I’ll be singing their praises for years to come. We can’t wait to watch our plants grow, bloom, and look more and more like the renderings with each passing year.

Whether you need a small bed reimaged or an entire yard designed, call Indian Creek Wholesale Nursery. I can’t wait to see how they transform your space!

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