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Learn about how Huntsville Magazine, led by power couple Takara Swoopes and CJ Byrd, has quickly become a media staple in the Tennessee Valley due to its high-quality content within a high-quality product.

In an era where the landscape of local media is always changing, there are moments when a newcomer arrives on the scene and captures the community’s heart in a way that’s hard to define.

Such is the case with Huntsville Magazine’s publisher Takara Swoopes and her husband and co-publisher CJ, who despite launching Huntsville Magazine just one year ago have made their mark on the Tennessee Valley with their credible, attractive, and resourceful publication.

In its first year of publication, Huntsville Magazine has been recognized with six Alabama Press Association Media Awards. Despite challenges, including a surprise spine surgery for one of the founders, the magazine’s journey has been marked by success and blessings. With distribution in over 100 stores across North Alabama, a hardworking team of contributors, 40+ advertisers, 30,000 local web visits, and over 1,000 subscribers, the magazine has thrived and made its mark on the community as a publication that is here to stay.

In its first year of publication, Huntsville Magazine has been recognized with six Alabama Press Association Media Awards.

I first heard about Huntsville Magazine on Instagram shortly before it released its first edition in the summer of 2022. I met Swoopes a day later at a local business event, and I couldn’t have been more impressed with Swoopes or the publication itself.

I immediately became a year-long subscriber and anxiously awaited each new edition throughout the last year.

Not only have I looked forward to devouring the magazine’s contents each quarter, but I’ve also enjoyed keeping each edition as coffee table “books” of sorts since the covers are attractive and the magazines are impressively thick.

Each edition of Huntsville Magazine has consisted of diverse content, including neighborhood profiles, weekend getaway suggestions, resident interviews, dining critiques, and shopping highlights. Editions are released quarterly and are available via in-store purchase or through delivery subscription.

In addition to a beautiful print publication, Huntsville Magazine also has a thriving website that is often found sharing the scoop and “behind the scenes” for exclusive stories. They are also active on Instagram and Facebook.

Purchasing a subscription to Huntsville Magazine was the first magazine subscription that I’d paid for in over a decade, but the joy of receiving a beautiful product in the mail has truly become a welcomed treat each quarter. A year-long subscription is typically $29.99, but the Huntsville Magazine team has extended a discount where a year-long subscription (four issues) plus two bonus issues is just $19

Want to grab a bulk order to give to out-of-town guests arriving for a wedding or major event? Huntsville Magazine would be happy to accommodate you! Send them an email here to inquire about a special request. 

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