Seasonal, Flexible, “Side Hustle”, or Full-Time Tax Professional Positions Available at H&R Block Locations in Madison

Nearly everyone has made some kind of significant shift in the last 18 months, whether that’s moving to a new home, snagging a new job, or some other kind of significant daily routine change. Society as a whole looks a bit different than it did in early 2020, and many of us do too. Many are in brand new seasons of life and looking to make the most of it with the opportunities around us. 

If you’ve found yourself in a season of life where you’re willing to work hard in a flexible setting but on a delightfully temporary, seasonal schedule, H&R Block may have just the right option for you to dive into!

H&R Block in Madison has two locations that are both hiring tax professionals and receptionists to assist with tax season 2022 and beyond.

What is a tax professional?

An H&R tax professional is someone that works during tax season (beginning in January for four to five months) and assists others with filing their taxes.

What are the hours?

H&R Block offers their tax professionals tremendous flexibility in scheduling and allows their professionals to work as much or as little as they’d like. Some tax professionals work just evenings and weekends while others work during standard business hours Monday through Friday. The sky is the limit depending on one’s unique goals. 

What are the benefits of being a tax professional?

There are many benefits to working as an H&R Block tax professional, including the ability to only work seasonally, to craft one’s own schedule, and get to know other community members in a setting where you are providing a valuable service. 

Am I the right fit to be a tax professional?

Do you have any experience with finances? Do you desire a flexible schedule? Do you enjoy conversation with others in a friendly work environment? Do you desire a career option that can move around with you due to a transient family situation (i.e. military spouse)? Do you have a certain financial goal in mind that you’d like to reach by next summer and need an additional income source to fund it?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, you would be a great fit to be a tax professional!

I don’t have any experience in this line of work. Is that okay?

Absolutely! H&R Block has a very streamlined way of onboarding new tax professionals. Those who are interested in learning more about and diving in will pay a $149 fee to enroll in a series of virtual courses. Once the courses are completed with a passing grade, one will then interview to be hired as an H&R Block tax professional. 

Click here to enroll in the tax course!

Already have tax knowledge and want to bypass the course by taking a knowledge assessment? Click here!

Psst: If you’re affiliated with the military in some form or fashion, there are scholarships available to cover the cost of the course.

More about being an H&R Block tax professional

On-the-job training starts after Thanksgiving, so the time is now to register for the courses to become a 2022 H&R Block tax professional.

Doors open January 3rd  here in Madison. New tax professionals will continue training during this time while also working with new clients on their tax needs.

Tax season typically lasts 4-5 months, and it’s up to each professional how often he or she wants to work throughout the season. Many professionals will work full-time hours throughout the duration of tax season, lasting them financially through the remainder of the year. Others will work just enough to make a bit of extra money as a form of a “side hustle”.

Receptionist jobs are available too and are open to adults as young as 19 as well as those that are retired by wanting to dive into something new.

This is a particularly fantastic option for college students who desire to make money with a work schedule that fits around their class load. There are also “weekend only” schedule options as well.

Interested in getting started? Here are some quick links!

H&R Block Madison locations

Discover more about being an H&R Block tax professional

Click here to send an email with interest regarding the receptionist position.



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