Local Business Owner Offers Homeschool Options for 2021-2022 School Year

As a local mom that chose the homeschool route last school year for my 1st grade and Pre-K children, I desperately wish I knew what I knew now about Creative Minds Learning Center. If you’re the parent or caregiver of a student in Pre-K through 6th grade that will be doing some form of school at home this year (i.e. full-time homeschool, virtual school, hybrid schedule, etc.) then this incredible resource is for you!

Creative Minds Learning Center is an online resource full of live virtual classes that students can sign up to take on a one-time basis, as part of a weeklong camp, for a nine-week duration, and/or for an entire school year! These classes are highly interactive, engaging, educational, and fun!

Local mom and business owner Shelby Landreth founded Creative Minds Learning Center in 2020 and says that she has the best job in the world getting to teach local students as well as students from around the nation and the world all on one screen together.

Landreth offered a slew of classes all summer long, and my children enjoyed several of them. In fact, we had a somewhat quiet day at home yesterday, so I signed up my 2nd grader for a one-time “Under the Sea Escape Room” class that lasted 30 minutes.

When I told her that I’d signed her up for another class, she lept off of the couch and cheered! She watched the clock all day and then eagerly threw her headphones on at 2:25 to begin her 2:30 class.

For 30 minutes, I spied on her as she laughed with the class, engaged with her teacher, and learned about various “under the sea” marine life while on a game-like quest. Just like the other classes she’s taken, she finished up and shared how much she loved it. When her dad got home, her Creative Minds class was the first thing she told him about.

As a mom, I love everything about this. First and foremost, it’s so fun supporting someone who’s local. These aren’t classes created by someone on the other side of the country. Landreth lives right here!

Second, I appreciate that after making sure my child is logged in, I don’t have to do anything! The teacher guides the entire class.

Next, each class makes me grin from ear to ear as I peek over at my child having fun because I know she’s learning too.

Finally, I so appreciate the socially interactive part of Creative Minds. Students have to wait for their turns, raise their hands, and be a part of a very small class setting. They can talk to each other just like adults would over FaceTime or Zoom but it’s all monitored and directed by an actual educator.

Creative Minds is truly the most wonderful option for students that are home, whether for just a rainy day or consistently via homeschool.

Homeschool parents, let’s hone in on you and your needs this year! Landreth has now opened enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year with a slew of supplemental or primary class options. (These are so good!) Click each image below to learn more. (These are just a few though; Others are listed on her website.)

There are many other options too, but these are some of the primary ones that are enrolling now. When you make an account with Outschool (the host site for Creative Minds), you’ll receive a $20 credit to apply to your class(es). Refer other families too (you’ll want to after loving it so much!) and continue to receive a credit to apply to future classes with Creative Minds.

Landreth shared that she’s especially excited to kick back off her four-and-five day per week classes because those are where students really get to know each other and have fun while learning.

Need a bit more convincing? Landreth has over 300+ positive reviews on Outschool, and for good reason! She is wonderful. Here are just a few on her website.

Ready to learn more about Creative Minds Learning Center and add this educational option to your curriculum this year? Click here to learn more and explore!

Have questions about Creative Minds Learning Center and want to chat with me privately? I’d love to tell you about our experience and break it down a bit more for you. Feel free to email me or send me a private message on Instagram.

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