Behind the Scenes with TURFMASTERS, a Landscape Business Owned and Operated by Local Firefighters

If your current to-do list includes finding the right person or company to cut your grass or tend to your home’s landscaping this spring or summer, consider that box checked because I’m about to point you to your guy. 

Meet Josh Shumate, a Madison resident, full-time firefighter, and long-time owner of TURFMASTERS, a landscaping company based right here in Madison. TURFMASTERS serves Madison and surrounding areas and specializes in grass cutting, shrub trimming, general landscape manicuring, and all kinds of dirt work.


Shumate began cutting grass with his dad at just 15 years old, and he says that his passion for being outdoors, working in the yard, and offering a helping hand to the community has only grown stronger with each passing year. 

“I think my dad looked at the opportunity to cut grass with me as a way to work together with his son,” shared Shumate, who now also enjoys getting out and spending time in the yard with his own son. “I would get done with school and we’d go cut grass. I’d come home from college and continue cutting grass. I would always do a little bit here and there and just never really gave it up.”

Grass Cutting in Madison, Alabama

In 2008, Shumate saw a way to officially launch TURFMASTERS as a business that would go hand-in-hand perfectly with his schedule as a firefighter.

“We work 24 hours on at the firestation and then 48 hours off, and I thought ‘What am I going to do with those two days off?’ So I decided to hire some other firefighters to work for me and dive into cutting more grass. As the years have progressed, TURFMASTERS has continued to just grow bigger and bigger.”

Though grass cutting is at the core of what TURFMASTERS loves to do, they are also passionate about helping others via general landscape maintenance. Those types of services include (but are not limited to) laying fresh mulch, trimming shrubs, pulling out old shrubs, planting new shrubs, and more. 

“We can also do everything from grading an entire yard to installing french drains,” shared Shumate. “Call us for anything related to dirt, and we’ll do it!”

Something else that makes Shumate’s company special is that he’s continued to serve many of the same customers for over two decades. 

“I probably have over 10 yards that I’ve cut all the way from the beginning of cutting grass with my dad. I’ve taken care of these people for a long time, and I still charge them the same price as I did way back when.”

Shumate continued to share that he prides himself on being less expensive than many other local landscaping companies. 

“I’m not trying to make my livelihood off of TURFMASTERS since I’m also a firefighter. This means that I’m able to keep my prices lower and more affordable.”

He continued to share that “we’ll still get your yard looking awesome, but you’re probably going to pay a lot less with us because we just don’t have as many expenses as some of the bigger companies. Our overhead costs are low.”

Shumate says that his clients praise his dependability.

“People tell me all the time that they can’t get other guys or companies to show up when they’re supposed to, but that’ll never be me. I will show up when I say that I am going to; that’s for sure.”


TURFMASTERS is gearing up for grass cutting season and is now accepting new yards to cut on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule in Madison and surrounding areas. Shumate also has options for shrub clean-up, mulching, etc.

The easiest, most direct way to learn about pricing and set up a grass cutting schedule is to text or call Josh Shumate at (256) 656-0689.

You can also follow along with TURFMASTERS on Facebook and Instagram

Author note: We actually hired TURFMASTERS last April to remove a pesky berm in our backyard, and to say that we were satisfied with the work they did would be a gross understatement.


We received quotes from three different local landscaping companies, and not only did TURFMASTERS come back with the best plan to restructure our backyard, but they were also the most affordable by far. Shumate and his team were extremely easy to work with and reliable, and the end result exceeded our expectations.





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