Fit Five Meals Review: We Why Love These Versatile Meals

We can’t think of a better addition to your summer roadtrip or vacation! Check out this Fit Five Meals review and why it’s been a game changer for us for almost a year!
Check out this Fit Five Meals review and why it's been game changer for us for almost a year!

Whether you’re working at the office like normal, spending more time with kids at home due to summer break, or frequently jetting off for your next summer getaway, Fit Five Meals is ready to keep your stomach full with predictable meal options that are delicious, fresh, and balanced.

Fit Five Meals is an explosively popular food-prep meal company based out of Birmingham, Alabama. They put together thousands of meals each week and then deliver them all over the state to those who are eager to simplify their lives via this healthy option.

We’ve been loyal customers of Fit Five Meals since August. As much as I wanted to eat a macro-balanced diet, I was struggling to find time and motivation to plan, shop, prep, and store healthy meals on a consistent basis that I could grab and eat on the go during the week. My failed attempts caused me to eat out on a regular basis (especially during the day at lunchtime) or piece together random unbalanced foods at home simply because they were convenient.

Not only was my waistline not a fan of my frequent drive-thru escapades but neither was my wallet! It would be easy to commit to simply eating at home more but realistically I knew that it was a struggle to eat balanced, fresh meals that also tasted good. As much as I desire to eat healthy options, I also really like tasty options.

Fit Five Meals has been the answer to what we were looking for. From barbecue chicken pizzas to sweet potato waffles nachos to snickerdoodle overnight oats and so much more, it has been such a treat to order, pick up, and immensely enjoy the rotating line-up of menu options week after week.

Not only is each meal half the price of a delivery meal, but it's also likely half the calories (and grams of fat). You won't sacrifice taste though!

Check out this Fit Five Meals Review and why it's been a game changer for us for almost a year!

If you’re even a little bit interested in trying out a few meals from Fit Five Meals, here are a few ideas for incorporating these meals into your summer schedule.


Are you heading on a car trip to a vacation destination with a refrigerator and microwave? Order a few meals to take on vacation with you! If you know that you’ll be eating a lot of your meals out at restaurants and don’t want to load up on groceries just to get by for a few meals, take a handful of Fit Five Meals in a cooler instead. Not only is each meal half the price of a delivery meal, but it’s also likely half the calories (and grams of fat). You won’t sacrifice taste though!


Whether you’re working from an office, working from home, working from home with kids, or working as a stay-at-home mom with kids, freeing up the part of the brain that is planning your meals feels like a gift! Consider simplifying your life by having meals you look forward to that are just for you. Sometimes a good, hot, delicious lunchtime meal is all you need to fuel you through the typical afternoon slump, so consider grabbing a few meals (and maybe some delicious protein balls too!) and power through your summer days.


If your family is anything like ours, your most social time of year when you often eat and drink the most is summertime. The sun is staying up longer which leaves many of us to eat later and eat more. If you’re looking for a way to get a grip on your breakfast and lunch routines and make better (and/or tastier) choices, consider having some Fit Five Meals on hand!

“Okay, okay. I’m ready to order some meals! How does this work?”

  1. Head to fitfivemeals.com (or download the app), create a profile and click the “Our meals” drop-down menu.
  2. Click “all meals”, and then begin scrolling!
  3. Select the quantity of each meal that you’d like. You can order as many or as few as you’d like!
  4. Select your location (there are several in Madison including Burn Boot Camp on HWY 72 in front of Walmart, Empire Fitness on Balch Road, and Absolute Nutrition on Hughes Road), and then check out!
  5. Your meals will be available to grab at any time on Monday (as early as 5am!)


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