New Mom, New to America: How One British Native is Thriving as FIT4MOM Business Owner in Madison

Six years ago, if you’d had told British native Rebecca Guntharp that in a few years she’d be married to an American, living in Alabama with two kids, and running a successful business, she’d have laughed until she couldn’t stop.

But fast forward to today, and that’s exactly where she finds herself, and she’s so happy about it.

Guntharp is the franchise owner of the FIT4MOM group here in Madison, Alabama and she loves what she does. FIT4MOM meets several times throughout the week in various locations around Madison and nearby towns to work out as a group with kiddos in tow. Her group also offers adult-only group fitness, playdates, storytime, Moms Night Out social gatherings, and much more. 

In short, FIT4MOM is essentially a “one-stop-shop” for getting exercise, meeting new friends in a similar season of life, and having a lot of fun for both adults and children alike.

Guntharp says that joining this group in northern Virginia in 2017 was one of the best decisions she’d ever made in her life. The year prior, she’d moved to the States to start a new journey with her newlywed husband while also expecting her first baby.

She says that she didn’t know anyone and was very housebound for the first few months living in America. 

“I couldn’t even drive because I didn’t have a Green Card or social security number yet,” shared Guntharp as she thinks back.

Once Guntharp delivered her daughter, she experienced many common feelings that swirl around for new moms, such as sleep deprivation and generally feeling down. She was also still sorting through a bit of what she describes as culture shock and adjustment.

“I kept asking myself if feeling this way was normal, and I just knew that I needed some friends of my own who were also in the same stage of life as me.”

Guntharp says that she finally decided to take the bull by the horn and find some kind of outlet for herself and her daughter.

“I was Googling one night and came across this FIT4MOM group and immediately signed up for a class. I’ll never forget walking away giddy by the fact that I actually got out of the house and met people. I felt so empowered.”

She continued to share that it felt so good to be a part of something again and that she’s been hooked ever since.

“I just kept going back,” she said. “I started going twice a week, but soon that turned into going every day.”

She was eventually approached about becoming an instructor and taught classes in Washington D.C. before moving to Madison just a few months later.

“We wanted to be closer to family,” she shared. “This area fits the bill!”

Guntharp says that in a strange series of events, she actually ran into the then-owner of the Madison FIT4MOM group while out to lunch during a house-hunting trip in this area. They’d met once during Guntharp’s instructor training in D.C.

“Her name is Melissa, and she completely took me under her wing. She was actually the one who put this area on our radar to move to when I met her in D.C. She got me all set up with every resource that a new community member would want to know about an area.”

Guntharp says that joining the FIT4MOM group here in Alabama gave her an instant community.

When Melissa had to move in March 2018, Guntharp says that it was a no-brainer to consider taking over as the owner for the local FIT4MOM group.

The last three years have been a joy but also a whirlwind, says Guntharp, whose name is on the list of small business owners who have survived the pandemic.

“I would love for FIT4MOM to become a common name in this town. I want every single mom to know about it. The community we have here is so special, and I want them to come for that, not just the workout.”

Guntharp says that her biggest goal is to see FIT4MOM become a to-go default as a suggestion for moms who are in need of something like what they offer.

“Madison it’s growing. I see it exploding right in front of us, and I would love for all of these people who are moving here or already here to know that we are an option and that we are here for them.”

Guntharp says that one’s first class is free, and that interested moms should sign up here

Author note: I was invited to check out a FIT4MOM class recently and can’t say enough good things. I have gushed about it in person just as much as I have online. There is something really special about this particular group. To read all about it, click here.

Join more than 1,000 others who follow FIT4MOM Madison on Facebook and Instagram.

P.S. FIT4MOM is hosting a 5k, 10k, and Fun Run on Saturday, May 8th while will be followed by coffee and “mom hangout time”. Please click here to learn more and register!



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