Local Teen Shares What She Learned from First Job at Little Caesars

This article is written by All Things Madison Teen Contributor Emma Tolbert. Tolbert is a rising senior at Bob Jones High School and is the Band Captain. In her free time, she enjoys sleeping and watching Netflix with her dog. 

Looking for a job? Don’t know where to start? How about Little Caesars!

You may know this pizza place for its low prices and fast service, but it can also serve as an amazing first job! With a range of responsibilities and flexible scheduling, this job gives it all.


As a team member at Little Caesars, one is expected to :

· Take orders

· Interact with customers

· Deal with money responsibly

· Wash the dishes

· Make the sauce and sauce cups

· Perfect sheet-outs (forming the pizza dough to the pans)

· Cut and dress crazy bread

· Make, cut, and box pizzas

· Multitask

· And much more. 

One crucial skill is learning how to interact with all of the kinds of customers that come from all different backgrounds. While working at Little Caesars, I met many people with fascinating stories to tell. Your shift won’t often be boring because there is always something to do and always interesting people coming in.

There is also always at least one ‘Limited Time Only’ item on the menu, which provides some change to keep you on your toes.

Also, all workers are expected to be able to multitask and switch to different responsibilities as needed. This will lead to one becoming better at multitasking and getting things done in a timely manner.


There are so many people from different high schools and walks of life that work at Little Caesars. Currently, teens from Bob Jones, Sparkman, James Clemens, and other local high schools work alongside a variety of adults that look out for everyone and all help to better each other as workers.

Personally, I made many friends from this job, and everyone was very accepting and friendly.

Scheduling and Hours

As someone who is very busy, I had trouble finding a job that would work with my schedule. The manager at Little Caesars in Madison though was very flexible with me and we worked to find the times I could work. She did this with a few of my fellow workers as well.

Also, the range of hours we worked per week, depending on our availability, varied from about 9 to 25 hours week to week. Balancing school and work was easy because employees aren’t scheduled to work every time they are available, and minors can only work until 9 pm on school nights.

Overall Work Environment

As an employee for six months, my experience was overall fairly positive. Throughout the busy, fast-paced nights we had to work together to be efficient, resulting in a lot of teamwork.

This job may cause some stress, but there will always be people who have your back, especially during the tougher shifts. I wouldn’t have hoped or asked for any other job to be my first one. Current employee Caeden Anderson describes working at Little Caesars as “a good job to learn how to interact with customers” because it “really taught [him] patience”.

All in all, Little Caesars in Madison gives teens an opportunity to acquire useful skills that will likely lead to more opportunities down the road. 

Little Caesars Pizza in Madison

1593 Hughes Road, Unit G


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