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EXPLORE MADISON, HUNTSVILLE, AND ATHENS: Packages on Sale November 17th at 7 a.m.

One year ago, we launched EXPLORE MADISON, and we never imagined that it would see the success that it has seen! Thousands of people have gotten out of their homes to eat at new restaurants, shop at new stores, and try out new entertainment venues!

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of All Things Madison’s EXPLORE program, we are thrilled to announce our next EXPLORE MADISON sale just in time for the holidays! Packages will go on sale this Friday, November 17th at 7 a.m. Spend $25 and receive eight $10 gift cards to restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment venues! Turn $25 into $80 and EXPLORE MADISON!

But, we aren’t stopping there! We are also thrilled to announce our second EXPLORE HUNTSVILLE package, which will also go on sale this Friday, November 17th at 7 a.m. Spent $35 and receive 10 $10 gift cards to restaurants and retail stores! Turn $35 into $100 and EXPLORE HUNTSVILLE!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Since we didn’t want to leave out our friends to the west, we are proud to announce our first EXPLORE ATHENS! Spend $25 and receive eight $10 gift cards to restaurants and retail shops in Athens! Turn $25 into $80 and EXPLORE ATHENS!

Imagine this: If you buy ALL three packages for $85, you’ll receive $260 in gift cards to give out this holiday season! Imagine spoiling as many people as you can think of with a $10 gift card this holiday season, or use them yourself to stock up on fun finds, great food, and more. 

We promise these are businesses you won’t be disappointed by. This program would NOT have worked so well this year if the businesses weren’t all-stars, and we think this round coming up IS ABSOLUTELY STELLAR!

You know the drill; THESE WILL SELL OUT. They’ve been gone by midnight every. single. sale. Set an alarm (for real!) for 7AM CST this Friday morning and then grab your packages at ALLTHINGSMADISONMERCHANDISE.COM

NO TAX, NO SHIPPING FEES. Get out this holiday season and enjoy these three explosive cities equipped with gift cards to do so. 

Psst: These will hit mailboxes on or around December 9th.



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