Our Recent Buying and Selling Experience with Essential Real Estate

The pandemic led to many families making a change or two in their everyday lives, often in the form of a new job, hobby, or home. 

For my family personally, one big change (of several – haha!) came in the form of building a new home here in Madison and selling another.

Late last summer, before we knew anyone personally that had contracted COVID-19, we learned that we’d had very direct contact with a few people that tested positive a day or so after we spent time with them. Though we tested negative, we completely quarantined. The only time we left our home was to go on “joy rides” around a few neighborhoods we dreamed of moving to one day.

That particular Friday night summer drive led us to casually email one of those neighborhood’s agents to get an idea of what it would look like to one day build in this particular subdivision. She then shared with me a couple of floorplans that weren’t online yet but that were for sale for buyers to be a part of the custom build process. It was love at first sight with one of them in particular; If we were to ever build a home from the ground up, it would be this one.

Feeling conflicted, we contacted Beau Miles, an experienced real estate agent and very close friend of our family.

center: Beau Miles, owner and broker of Essential Real Estate

We talked on the phone every day for three weeks as we jumped through every hoop necessary to see if this was the right decision for our family. As a former military family, we were always told when and where to move. This was the first time that we could decide when and where to move on our own timeline, or rather not move at all.

It was a weighty decision but one that we didn’t have to make alone. Miles’s guidance through weighing all of the pros and cons was worth its weight in gold. 

One would assume that as an agent, he’d naturally push us to buy and sell because that’s his industry. He didn’t take that approach though; He was very clear from the first conversation that he wanted to help us make the right decision for our family, even if that didn’t mean buying and selling at this very moment. We will never be able to repay him for the lack of pressure he put on us to make the decision to move.

When we decided to go for it though, he was ready to put the pedal to the metal and see it through until we were in our new home. It was a long 10-month journey, but we are thrilled beyond belief to feel settled and have it all behind us. 

A few things that stand out to us about Beau as our agent:

  1. He answered our calls and texts within minutes every single time, no matter what time of the day or day of the week. 
  2. He is always calm. Always. He has a very comforting, assuring disposition during moments where things felt like they were going off the rails.
  3. He cared about our input. We trusted his advice fully in almost all situations, but he would still give us a call and see how we felt about XYZ situation. He wanted us to feel like we were in control of everything happening with our homes.
  4. He guided us through the timeline for selling our home and made timing suggestions that were flawless.
  5. No matter how busy he got with other clients, he always made us feel like he had time for a phone conversation or site walk-through.
  6. He seems to know everyone and has a connection for everything. Well-connected realtors are always handy!

About Essential Real Estate

Essential Real Estate strives to ensure that each client is treated like he or she is the only one. As a local small business, Essential works hard to give each client the personal attention that’s deserved when making one of the biggest decisions of one’s life.

Essential Real Estate was founded in 2020 and is designed to help agents keep a max amount of their earnings from each listing. Miles has set up a unique program to ensure that agents do just that.

Are you an agent and interested in learning more about what makes Essential Real Estate different? Give Beau a call or send him a text and share that you are interested in learning more (and I can ensure you that there will be no pressure from Beau for simply inquiring!) 

Beau and Amy Miles were some of our first visitors to share in our joy of our new home, and they came bearing a celebratory gift! Clients will leave with new friends after the buying and selling is over.

Are you interested in buying or selling in North Alabama and would like to discuss some options with Beau? Call or text him today!

Beau Miles can be reached at (256) 653-9414.

Check out Essential Real Estate on Facebook, Instagram, or their website!

Psst: Miles also owns Essential Property Management and is available to take care of your rental or find you a rental to live in. Get in touch to discuss options!


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