All Things Madison | Elegance on Main Opening Soon in Downtown Madison, Alabama
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Elegance on Main Opening Soon in Downtown Madison, Alabama

All Things Madison | Elegance on Main Opening Soon in Downtown Madison, Alabama

There’s a new medical spa, salon, and studio opening in downtown Madison that will offer a slew of services, many of which will be new to our community. 

All Things Madison | Elegance on Main Opening Soon in Downtown Madison, Alabama

Elegance on Main is currently underway next to Old Black Bear and is on track to open in January. 

Elegance on Main in Madison, Alabama

Elegance on Main in Madison, Alabama

Owner Sidney Kelley says that they will offer all kinds of services for men, women, and children and that she cannot wait to serve our community by offering options that customers may have never heard of before. 

Elegance on Main will feature a variety of divisions within the store, including a full-service hair salon, a beauty bar for makeup, an upstairs photography area, multiple esthetician rooms, spray tanning, and much more. 

In addition to traditional hair services, Elegance on Main will also offer vintage shaves for men, which Kelley says are often hard to find at salons in this area.  

The private upstairs photography area will host a professional photographer who offers all kinds of sessions, from seasonal Santa sessions to boudoir.

Kelley says that she is really excited about the vast number of skincare options they’ll be able to offer customers, including Botox, fillers, medical-grade skincare products, HydraFacials, chemical peels, enzyme facials, Pre-Cell (and Stem Cell) therapies, and much more.

Permanent cosmetics is another option that will be available to interested customers. Services include microblading, eyebrow shading, lip and eyeliner tattoos, and more. 

One area that Kelley lit up with eagerness about is their ability to offer customized options to past and present oncology patients. 

“We will be certified to treat those who are undergoing cancer treatments and offer them products that are very specific to their needs.”

She says that after breast cancer patients undergo reconstructive surgery, Elegance on Main will be proud to off Areola tattoo procedures.

“We are so excited to give back to these patients who have been through so much. We’re glad we’ll be able to do this.”

Elegance on Main will feature a coffee and snack bar as well as complimentary beer and wine for all of-age clients. 

“We’ll cater to bridal parties, private parties, birthday parties, you name it!”

Kelley is currently in the beginning stages of partnering with Dr. Finnila with Avalon Family Care to handle medical situations that are above what Elegance on Main can treat. 

“We’re glad we’ll be able to offer so many different things by having a doctor on board with us,” shared Kelley.

When asked what drove Kelley to establish Elegance on Main, she shared that she’s combining her dream of entrepreneurship with her own vested interested in related services that she’s been driving to Birmingham for years to receive. 

“I’ve been receiving these kinds of facials in Birmingham for years,” says Kelley, but now she’s ready to offer them and receive them right here in Madison. 

Kelley loves that her business will be right next door to Old Black Bear because partners or families who aren’t receiving services can enjoy their time next door eating and drinking while their loved one is being pampered. 

Kelley has been doing a chunk of the demo herself (I witnessed this first-hand when I helped myself into her storefront to check up on things!) because she says that she “could just so easily see the potential.”

When asked what she’s most excited about when it comes to opening Elegance on Main soon, she says that she really just loves to help people.

Kelley says that she won’t be saving anyone’s life, but that she’ll be able to hopefully help them solve problems that they’ve been struggling with for a long time.

“Some people have skin problems for their entire life and cannot find anyone to help them,” she shared. “As an aesthetician, you can do that for people. I want to help people who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin.”

“Everyone deserves that,” she shared. 

Elegance on Main is hiring!

If you are a skilled, experienced hair stylist, aesthetician, etc. and believe that you would be a good fit for Elegance on Main, please email Sidney Kelley at INFO@ELEGANCEONMAIN.COM

Follow along with Elegance on Main on Instagram and Facebook.


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