Recommended Electricians in Madison, Alabama

Recently a local resident reach out to All Things Madison and asked if I had an electrician recommendation. Unfortunately, I didn’t.

Though there are a handful of electricians that pop up in a quick Google search, many people typically prefer to hire an electrician that comes with a good recommendation from someone that has used him or her first-hand.

Because I didn’t have a personal recommendation for an electrician here, I posed the question on social media and asked if any of the site’s followers had strong electrician recommendations.

Not only did I receive a handful of electrician recommendations, but I also received a handful of inquires from others asking if I would share my findings because they, too, were looking for a reliable electrician.

The following is a shortlist of electricians in Madison, Alabama that come strongly recommended by those that have personally hired them to do work in their homes or businesses. I hope this list connects with you an electrician that meets your needs!

Recommended Electricians in Madison, Alabama

Marcus Simmons | (256) 550-1939

Kyle Edelman | (309) 242-2886

Clark Electric | (256) 534-6132

Ryan with Mr. Electric | (256) 258-8753



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