Princesses, Limos, and Chick-fil-A: The Ultimate Daddy Daughter Date Night

On Friday, April 23rd, limousines full of princesses will be zipping around Madison to help dads pull off the best date night ever for their very own little princesses.

Picture this: A limo pulls up, a handful of princesses climb out, and they hand your child a box full of crafts and hot Chick-fil-A to eat. Can you picture the smiles from kiddos, parents, and onlookers alike? I am beaming just writing this! And the best part is that it’s real life and actually an opportunity that families across our city can be a part of this month. How great!

After rave reviews and much success last year, Chick-fil-A in Madison is thrilled to announce that their “At-Home Daddy Daughter Date Night” is back, and sign-ups are happening now.

Interested parents can sign up here. The cost for one adult and one child is $25, and every additional child is $10. Every child will receive a box that includes dinner, dessert, crafts, ice breaker games, and a suggested music playlist.

Included within the sign-up form are the options for what food items each ticketed recipient would like delivered.

Sign-ups close no later than Wednesday, April 21st, though they may close earlier if the event fills up (so psst: sign up as soon you know that you’d like to take part!)

Recipients can prepare for the limo with princesses to pull up any time between 4:30 and 6:30 that evening, though marketing coordinator Katie Bentley says that parents can expect a text the day prior that will give them a better idea of what time they’ll receive the big visit.

Bentley shared that it was so enjoyable to see how parents personalized the at-home experience last year.

“We saw dads in everything from pajamas to tuxedos. Anything goes!”

She continued to share that she heard stories about dads and daughters using the occasion to get dressed up, and then Dad would ring the doorbell to “pick up” his date.

“Some dads went as far as to have corsages or flowers for their little dates,” she shared.

Bentley says that parents will be invited to submit their pictures from the evening on social media for a chance to win a variety of fun prizes. Every picture will count as an individual entry.

A fun note for parents: The princesses will actually be local high school theater department students who will be paid for their time to ride around and bring joy to children around the community.

“We’ll provide their costumes, split them into several limousines, and let them go out to make the deliveries!”

Author note: Can I be 16 again? This sounds like the best job ever!

Though the normal Chick-fil-A delivery service only serves locations within five miles of the HWY 72 store, this special night will serve families as far away as 12 miles from the store. This means that nearly the entire city of Madison is invited to enjoy this special occasion.

To sign up, please click here. Enjoy!

This article is written in partnership with Chick-fil-A in Madison. Thank you for supporting the businesses that make All Things Madison a free resource for our community!

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