A Review of Culver’s in Madison

This article was written by All Things Madison Teen Contributor MJ Brown, a rising senior at Bob Jones High School. She writes for several publications and serves as a writer and producer for the Bob Jones Patriot Players. She is also a leader in the National English Honor Society. 

A Review of Culver’s in Madison

When I stopped by Culver’s on opening day, I was already wondering what my “usual” was going to be. Everyone has their usual order at a restaurant, the meal family members order for you without even askingyou’re just that predictable.

Rarely do I deviate from my typical order; I’m a devoted customer. Every time a new restaurant comes to town, families from all over Madison flock to decide which one thing they will continue to get off the menu.

I quickly realized Culver’s would never be a one-order type of restaurant. 

Here’s everything you need to know about one of our city’s newest favorite spots.

Culver's in Madison Alabama: Even picky eaters will have trouble deciding between the famous butter burgers, a fresh salad, or the homestyle Reuben.

Culver’s is efficient.

On opening day, cars were backed up to the road waiting to get through the drive-thru. There were employees running out to greet each car with a “hello” and a menu.

It was packed for two weeks straight, but the team members were endlessly patient, friendly, and organized, even as the line to get in started to block traffic.

They managed to get each customer through in minutes with only one drive-thru lane (watch out, Chick-fil-A!) If you still haven’t gone to Culver’s for fear of long lines, don’t worry; the process is streamlined and the wait is short.

Culver’s is committed to social distancing.

Some families might be hesitant to eat out during these unprecedented times, but Culver’s in Madison provides a safe experience whether you’re dining in or ordering out. There’s a line outside spaced six feet apart for guests, and a team member holds the door open as you walk through.

Even inside the restaurant, there is plenty of space to spread out, which only adds to that classic comfort-food-restaurant ambiance we all know and love.

There’s even outdoor seating availableperfect for a warm summer night out with friends. 

Culver’s is community-oriented.

Each and every local Culver’s is owned by someone in the community. The chain has a strong foundation in putting people first and giving back on a smaller scale.

The atmosphere is welcoming and vibrant; I felt at ease as soon as I walked in. Knowing that I was supporting business owners in Madison as well as managers and team members was a huge plus. Even some menu items are localized, like the special flavor of the day.

You can even find the “flavor forecast” on their website! 

Culver’s is family-focused. 

Whether one is looking to get out of the house or pick something up for a lunchtime picnic, Culver’s in Madison has something for everyone.

Kids get a free dessert with their meals, and the Culver’s site promotes local children who are giving back to their communities in heartwarming ways.

When schools start back up, it’s sure to become the new hotspot for local sports teams and drama troupes after long practices and rehearsals. As a theater kid myself, I can definitely say that I’ll be taking my castmates here for a late-night milkshake. 

Culver’s has a huge selection.

Remember what I said about Culver’s not being a “usual order” restaurant? You’ll be tempted to try something different every time you go, or you may just steal a side item from your dining buddy. From the delicious, classic cheese curds to perfectly fried onion rings, there’s something for everyone.

Even picky eaters will have trouble deciding between the famous butter burgers, a fresh salad, or the homestyle Reuben. I was particularly excited to see seafood on the menu since we don’t have much of it in Madison.

Culver’s saves the best for last.

Two words. Frozen. Custard. Need I say more? 

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